Phil Rudd: It ain’t over

Phil Rudd’s lawyer is hinting that he may appeal the rock star’s first time cannabis conviction. Community magistrate Robyn Paterson convicted Rudd on a cannabis possession charge in the Tauranga District Court this week.

 “We are looking at our options,” says lawyer Craig Tuck.

“We will regroup later in the week.”  

Rudd, a drummer for Aussie rock band AC/DC was convicted on his first drugs possession charge on Wednesday.

Police found a total of 27 grams of cannabis when they searched Phil’s boat, Barchetta, at the Tauranga Bridge Marina on October 7.

In court Rudd’s lawyer pleaded for a discharge without conviction because the low level offence could hamper Phil’s work which requires international travel.

Police opposed a discharge without conviction and the magistrate fined him $250 plus court costs of $130.

Read Rudd’s reaction to the conviction here.

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Over the top again

Posted on 03-12-2010 10:15 | By Chudleigh

Phil Rudds lawyer was quite correct in saying that the punishment would far out weigh the crime. What is of concern is that the prosecuting sergeant made the statement to the magistrate that "as far as he knew a convition would not hinder Mr Rudds ability to enter other countries". As I understand it a drug conviction bars you from entering many countries, note the recent case of Paris Hilton not being allowed into Japan because of a drug conviction, in fact top level diplomatic intervention was needed to gain entry visas for the Beatles years ago. as I understand it you must declare drug convictions on entry to Australia and apply for a visa which may not necessarily be granted, its the same for the USA, Canada and if my memory is correct the same applies to guess where? Yes New Zealand.If I’m correct the Police must have known that and one would be forgiven for thinking that the Police may be trying to influence the magistrate’s decision. Naughty! And that Magistrate. WOW. I thought the days of hanging Judges was over. I thought it finished back in the days of transportation to the colonies for nicking an apple!


Posted on 02-12-2010 22:00 | By Capt_Kaveman

while this minor stuff goes on major assults and home invasions car breakins tagging goes muchly untouched, gee how old is this guy now prop been doing it while some of these cops were in nappies they must be so proud

Spoilin' for a fight

Posted on 02-12-2010 10:26 | By

Yeah, bro fight it. You’ll win.

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