Bar's Nazi pinata 'insensitive'

A Tauranga pub's decision to celebrate Anzac Day with a Nazi piñata is being called “insensitive” by the German Embassy in New Zealand.

In celebration of Anzac Day, Tauranga's Bahama Hut posted a photo on its Facebook page showing the German dictator's piñata with the comment “make sure you're here around midnight to smash this guy up!! He's filled with lollies and drink vouchers!! Happy Anzac Day!!”

Tauranga's Bahama Hut invited club goers to come and hit an Adolf Hitler piñata last night as part of Anzac Day. Photo supplied.   

The photo, posted yesterday, has since received 145 likes along with mixed comments including “Really Bahama Hut, really? Did this just happen?” from readers.

The German Embassy says such actions are insensitive and it is something they do not look forward to seeing splashed across social media sites.

An embassy spokesperson says the use of the Swastika is banned throughout Germany, but because it is in New Zealand the embassy is unable to oversee any similar rule.

“We of course don't like these things, but because we are in New Zealand and it is not official rather private it is not something we can look into,” says an embassy spokesperson.

“It was used in the connection with Anzac and because it doesn't somehow fit together on a day where New Zealand soldiers and Australians are commemorated it is not the right way to respond to that.” 

Neither the Mount Maunganui RSA or the Human Rights Commission would comment on the use of the piñata, but say they are aware of it.

Bahama Hut were unable to be reached for comment but their response to comments on the Facebook post attempts to justify the day has become broadly recognised.

 “Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, originally commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in the Ottoman Empire during World War I. It's now more broadly commemorates all those who served and died in military operations for their countries. So lets celebrate what our troops did to protect our country!!”

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give them a good thrashing too

Posted on 27-04-2013 22:25 | By The Tomahawk Kid

Insensitive to who? Hitler? The poor misunderstood guy - lets not hurt his feelings eh! I wonder if he worried about peoples feelings when he did what he did? Where are these limp wristed pathetic PC brigade on the 5th of November. Better not celebrate guy fawkes by burning a guy! These bureacrats at the German Embassy obviously have very little to do, so are looking for something to justify their salaries. Stuff their pockets full of liollies and send them to the bahama hut too where they can get a good thrashing for being so pathetic.

@ KarlB

Posted on 27-04-2013 14:30 | By PLONKER

Yeah mate got al that right, to much PC rubbish when people are jsut having fun and a good tiem, not actually intending to do any harm. To keep everyone happy they should have one a week, Thatcher, Muldoon, Geroege W Bush, Nixon ...

Political correctness

Posted on 27-04-2013 14:07 | By Karlb

In my opinion this was both intended and executed as a light hearted bit of fun. The mere fact that a story like this has made headlines is ridiculous and reinstates the sad fact that overbearing political correctness in this country is once again attempting to diminish something that was intended purely for entertainment. To go to such lengths as contacting the German embassy for comment is absurd. I for one am at a loss when trying to grasp the concept of people becoming upset over a hitler piñata. A piñata serves one purpose which is destruction, I do not know of many people who would become upset over watching a symbol of suffering and hate being lowered into a crowd and torn to pieces, and if these people are out in the populous somewhere, there's a strong possibility that they are not quite inside the bahama hut's target market to say the least. At the end of the day this was a feature that was intended for entertainment not outrage and reading this article and subsequent comments both worries and saddens me as it begs the question: What ever happened to good old kiwi humour?

grow up

Posted on 27-04-2013 13:45 | By dumbkof1

grow up

Grow Up

Posted on 27-04-2013 09:34 | By doc.66

i think the owner needs to grow up or was he trying to make money on this stunt, we all no what went down in past history.Get drunk then hit hit hitler,shame on u bahamahitler


Posted on 27-04-2013 01:46 | By Johnnyredneck

Lets celebrate defending ourselves from the Vietnamese, and the Afghans.

Complete ignornace

Posted on 26-04-2013 21:49 | By penguin

Pathetically insensitive and obviously created by people with little or no understanding of the significance of Anzac Day. Won't be drinking there - ever!


Posted on 26-04-2013 20:41 | By sambro

Commit the crime, do the time. LEST WE FORGET!!!.


Posted on 26-04-2013 17:05 | By PLONKER

Got my support for it especially the destroy part at midnight, least we forget!


Posted on 26-04-2013 16:40 | By pomfart

Zis is most upsetting. Vy vill people not let us forget vot vee did?

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