Smokefreerockquest: BOP heats today

Big Angry, 2021 regional band winners who went onto be top 10 national finalists. Supplied photo.

The annual Bay of Plenty regional Smokefreerockquest event will take centre stage at Baycourt in Tauranga today.

Starting from 2pm, the programme, which is now in its 34h year, is held nationwide with events held in venues in 21 regions from Whangarei to Invercargill - hosting thousands of young musicians every year.

Smokefreerockquest is run simultaneously with Smokefree Tangata Beats which aims to nurture Pasifika and Māori culture in a contemporary music setting.

Participants, all enrolled in schools around the region, will perform on a professional stage.

They will experience a full set up with stage lighting, a live sound engineer, a projected backdrop, technical support, full stage set-up and an MC running the show.

This year the regional event will welcome a live audience as well as being live-streamed so that friends, family and support crew of the acts can watch remotely.

The regional event and live stream will start at 2pm.

General manager Matt Ealand says an ethos of development and confidence building has always reminded central to the programme.

“With a 34 year history of Smokefreerockquest, and a very rich history of great kiwi musicians at that, we know that this programme works,” says Ealand.

“Performing live on stage is a great boost in confidence and gives a great sense of achievement. It requires a lot of skills, not just musical ability.”

The Bay of Plenty acts performing on July 1 are:  

Session 1 (2:00-4:00)      

Rua kenana tribe (TB Only)                                          Rotorua Boys' High School

Tu Mai ra raukura (TB Only)                                         Rotorua Boys' High School

TABS (SFRQ and SFTB)                                                   Rotorua Boys High School

Raukura Reggaes (SFRQ and SFTB)                           Rotorua Boys High School

Strangers Alike (SFRQ and SFTB)                               Rotorua Boys High School

Brother up rising (SFRQ and SFTB)                            Rotorua Boys High School

L.A.M                                                                                    Rotorua Boys' High School

snags                                                                                     Rotorua Boys High School

Sophie and Tayla                                                              Rotorua Girls' High School

Kaegan Palmer                                                  Taupo-nui-a-Tia College

unregistered                                                                      Trident High School

Aimee                                                                                   Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

Scooby Don't                                                                     Whakatane High School

Unplugged                                                                          Whakatane High School

Child's Pose                                                                        Whakatane High School

Part Time Losers                                                               Western Heights High School

Paradox Blue                                                                     Rotorua Lakes High School

Milhaus                                                                                John Paul College



Session 2 (4:30-7:00)      


Emma's Abs                                                                        Mercury Bay Area School

Duckfoot                                                                             Mercury Bay Area School

habitless                                                                              Mercury Bay Area School

Another Highkey February                                          Mercury Bay Area School

Francie Lidgard                                                  Mercury Bay Area School

Florence Peachblossom                                                Mt Maunganui College

The Darlings                                                                       Mt Maunganui College

MICAH (SFRQ and SFTB)                                               Mt Maunganui College

Their There                                                                         Mt Maunganui College

Mount Maunganui B                                                      Mt Maunganui College

Alchemy                                                                              Mt Maunganui College

INDIGO                                                                Arataki School

SIMPLE CREATURES                                                        Papamoa College

OCD                                                                                       Papamoa College

L.I.T                                                                                        Papamoa College

PROTOCOL                                                                          Papamoa College

M.G                                                                                       Papamoa College

RADIATION                                                                         Papamoa College

BLAZIN SUNSETS                                                              Papamoa College

S.A.V                                                                                     Papamoa College


Session 3 (7:30-10:00)   


Gnomeskulls                                                                      ACG Tauranga

ADHD                                                                                    ACG Tauranga

Unit 51                                                                                  Tauranga Boys' College

Emessgee (MSG) (SFRQ and SFTB)                           Tauranga Boys' College

Latch Key Kids                                                                   Tauranga Girls' College

deja vu                                                                                 Aquinas College

indiajoyce                                                                           Aquinas College

Secondhand Originals                                                    Bethlehem College

A LOON                                                                                Bethlehem College

Slept In                                                                 Bethlehem College

0.8                                                                                          Bethlehem College

Deeds of Mars                                                                  Bethlehem College

IDK                                                                                         Bethlehem College

Tabby                                                                                    Otumoetai College

the nobodies                                                                     Otumoetai College

Kongregate                                                                        Otumoetai College

bla bla uh huh boo hoo                                  Otumoetai College

Temp22                                                                                Otumoetai College


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