Proposed cul-de-sac for Tauranga‘s 5th Ave

5th Ave (west). Photo: Cameron Road Joint Venture.

Tauranga residents are being invited to have their say on a proposed cul-de-sac for 5th Ave.

In early 2021, a preliminary design was shared with the community which included the 5th Ave (west)/ Cameron Road intersection being made into a cul-de-sac.

“This was done to improve safety, create a more pedestrian-friendly area and to increase the clearings,” says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

Community feedback on this design both supported and opposed the cul-de-sac.

“Those in opposition raised concerns about access to businesses and the traffic flows on 6th Ave if both 5th and 7th Aves were changed to cul-de-sacs.

“As a result, the final design kept the left in, left out access at Fifth Avenue (west).”

The option is being looked at again following a site walk on March 16, 2022.

During the visit, Tauranga City Council Commissioners looked for opportunities to create a safer environment and more amenity through tree plantings along the route in areas where construction is yet to start.

“They requested the Cameron Road Project Team look at returning the 5th Ave cul-de-sac as one option to achieve this.”
Have your say - Please provide feedback to us by Monday, July 4, 2022.

  • Email us your feedback –
  • Call us if you have any questions – 07 577 7000
  • Meet our project team at our community drop-in session:

Tuesday, June 28 – drop in anytime between 5pm and 7pm – Tauranga City Council, Ground floor room, 61 3rd Ave.

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@ Yadick

Posted on 28-06-2022 13:37 | By morepork

Thanks for your support. Sadly, your post is exactly on the button, on all counts. The best we can do is remove the Puppet Master (Mahuta) from power... I know people in this community who will be adversely affected by this closure; I’ll bet you the Commissioner doesn’t...

Great Opportunity

Posted on 23-06-2022 11:37 | By Yadick

Here’s a great opportunity to speak up and be ignored. The submission process is nothing more than a ’feel good scam’. They’re not going to listen and the proof is that they’re ignoring the last submissions and spending more money to get more submissions to ignore. A deliberate flaunt of power and authority. At the end of it all they’ll walk away smiling with full pockets and we’re left the burden of poor decision making. Mahuta has a lot to answer for but never will.

Where's the information?

Posted on 23-06-2022 06:25 | By rally4life

It sounds like a ridiculous unnecessary idea, but a search of the TCC website did not result in any information on the project. How is anyone supposed to comment without seeing exactly what they want to do?


Posted on 22-06-2022 22:30 | By The Caveman

Links Avenue - we know best - we will CLOSE the road !!!

@The Professor

Posted on 22-06-2022 15:01 | By morepork

Thanks for supporting us. They believe they can plant more trees and it will be more "pedestrian friendly" but we have no idea yet how well the proposed pedestrian zone will work; they are working on assumptions that have proved to be wrong so many times in the past. The Commissioners will go, but the choking cul-de-sac will remain. It is US who have to live with it, not them.

As always...

Posted on 22-06-2022 14:57 | By morepork

... they are determined to do whatever they want. Anne Tolley doesn’t live here, she has no insight into this local community, but she takes a stroll around some work in progress and decides it should be a cul-de-sac. So all the previous submissions are just ignored and a new batch is requested. These will also be ignored, and it will end up as a cul-de-sac. Cutting 5th Avenue access to Cameron road will NOT make anything safer or better. Council tree plantings are a joke. A twisted, bare, dying Japanese Crabapple on the berm testifies to this. It replaced a beautiful flowering Kowhai (pronounced dead) and we were assured it would blossom like the kowhai. 5th Ave is a community of mainly elderly people. They need easy access for services like Meals-on-wheels, lawnmowing, housecleaning and so on. None of it matters; we will get a cul-de-sac...

Are these clowns for real?

Posted on 22-06-2022 13:01 | By The Professor

At this rate, Tauranga City Council will be closing all roads!!

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