New housing in Ōmokoroa on the horizon

Ōmokoroa. Photo: Supplied.

Ōmokoroa’s housing offerings are set to change, but careful mahi and planning is in place to ensure the village feel that Ōmokoroa is renowned for is retained.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is updating its local housing rules to reflect a new law being introduced by central government in a bid to speed up housing developments.

The Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS), which come into effect on August 20 2022, enable up to three houses to be built three storeys high on most sections in medium density residential zones without needing resource consent. Building consents will still be required.

There are nine rules that must be met for the activity to be permitted, including the height restrictions, and having a minimum outdoor living space.

With these changes predicted to increase housing development activity, Council is making plans that address housing needs and take the Ōmokoroa community’s aspirations for their town into account.

Council’s Resource Management Manager Phillip Martelli says as part of the Your Place Tō wāhi campaign those who already call Ōmokoroa home were asked about what housing they think is needed, and what makes Ōmokoroa a great place to live.

“The friendly neighbours and village feel have been highlighted as some of the many benefits of the area, not to mention the stunning coastal environment," says Phillip. "A need for properties suitable for first home buyers was pointed out, and the community asked for more housing for elderly whānau, larger houses, and some tiny homes too.

“The community also shared their desire for more open space while protecting existing green spaces, and spaces for tamariki and rangatahi to hang out. What was also made clear to us, is the community’s desire to see the village feel Ōmokoroa is renowned for, retained.

“We are taking this all into consideration as we make plans specifically for Ōmokoroa,” says Phillip.

"Along with the MDRS changes we are turning on the area between State Highway 2 and the railway for urban development. This will include new residential areas for around 2300 homes, more industrial zones for local businesses and employment, a new large reserve for active sports across the road from the new primary and secondary schools (to be opened in 2025), and a Natural Open Space Zone to protect the extensive gully network and retain it for stormwater management and walkways and cycleways.

“While the changes will mean Ōmokoroa will look a little different in the next decade, the MDRS changes, the new town centre and school, and the new residential area do enable us to make some exciting plans,” says Phillip.

The entire peninsula will be subject to the new MDRS rules. Most of Ōmokoroa’s newer housing will not be affected because these homes were built more recently and they’re less likely to be redeveloped any time soon.

The biggest change is likely to be to more established properties with larger sections and older baches or homes. Some of these may be changed with more than one home on them, more units in backyards or redevelopment where an existing house could be replaced with townhouses.

All these changes will enable a variety of different kinds of living, from the traditional large family home on its own section to smaller homes, duplexes and terraced town houses, catering for the different demands we are now seeing on the peninsula.

Council will also be helping to shape this future growth by providing developers with a set of design guidelines for new proposals that are tailored to the Ōmokoroa community’s preferences and include things like parking, trees and outdoor space. These guidelines are being worked on now.

For anyone wishing to kōrero on the proposed changes and what the new rules will mean for them, Council is offering one-on-one sessions.

"You can book in a 15-minute session to kōrero with our friendly team on June 23 2022, between 9am and 5pm," says Phillip.

Bookings can be made by email – – or phone 0800 926 732.

Council will be notifying the plan change on August 20 2022 and the public will be able to make a formal submission.

To read more about the changes visit  

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Village feel gone

Posted on 27-06-2022 11:47 | By Get our roads

Omokoroa village feel left the area long ago, now its cookie cutter houses so close to each other you cant swing a cat in your yard if your lucky enough to have one, and dont get me started on roading debacle, Omokoroa is now an overpopulated eyesore that is adding to more congestion on already overloaded bursting at the seams roading infrastructure mainly being lack of it, accidents occurring daily, still, push on, stuff it up with more houses and cars, great solution, keep your silly heads buried in sand and you will reap what you sow, more pain for the ratepayers to subsidise your ridiculous overpopulation of Tauranga. No thought whatsoever on any future planning, just ram houses in on every spare piece of grass you have, beauty mate, it will soon become a slum too.


Posted on 14-06-2022 19:23 | By Ceem

To Philip Martelli Delete all of the above and reintroduce it after the SH2/Omokoroa Road intersection meets the requirements of the "existing population" of Omokoroa and queues will be something of the past - I wish.

WBDC. The home of idiots!

Posted on 14-06-2022 17:42 | By Ben Dover

They are in the process of destroying a once beautiful little village by allowing houses to be built everywhere, totally changing the character of the area causing vast overpopulation resulting in shortages of services!


Posted on 14-06-2022 16:24 | By Raewinge

I would like to know with all this new population now why are existing Omokoroians still paying over $2000 on their rates for the sewage system?

Village feel but no tarseal

Posted on 14-06-2022 11:41 | By TGA Local07

All these people but no mention of roads. It’s a bottle neck at the best of times that intersection. Would love to see the representatives in charge of roading travel that intersection every day for a month. Then we would see change QUICK SMART!


Posted on 14-06-2022 11:22 | By Kancho

Then better get moving in the Takitimu Northern Link project pronto. The original National proposal that Labour cancelled that is not the watered down half arsed current temporary stop gap .

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