Home insulation industry supports Budget boost

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The extra $73 million for continuing the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme in the Budget will make a big difference to the lives of tens of thousands of New Zealand families, says Insulation Association of New Zealand Executive Officer Richard Arkinstall.

Budget 2022 contains $73 million more funding for the Warmer Kiwi Homes scheme that heavily subsidises insulation for low-income households. This is enough funding to insulate a further 26,500 homes and means funding is provided through to June 2024.

“The insulation industry welcomes the Government’s continued commitment to improving the insulation standards of homes. Working together, our firms and the Government have been able to make tens of thousands of homes warmer and healthier to live in,” says Richard.

The insulation industry is about to launch its first nationally recognised qualification providing a strong pathway and career in the insulation industry.

“Insulation must be installed correctly, or you can lose up to 50 per cent effectiveness," says Richard. "Professional installation by an accredited installer ensures funded insulation is effective and has the impact on homes we are looking for.

"The industry will be needing more qualified installers so our qualification and the additional funding will also support more jobs for the country.

“The Warmer Kiwi Homes programme is especially important for older New Zealanders who may own their home but not have the money to insulate it or heat it. Through this programme and working with community organisations, insulation firms can get those homes upgraded.

“Making New Zealand’s homes more energy efficient is also a key part of the Emissions Reduction Plan. Better insulated homes consume less electricity and fossil fuels, and free up electricity for other sectors to decarbonise.

“IAONZ will continue to support and discuss with the Government how we can lift the insulation standards of all housing – new housing, owner-occupied, rentals, and public housing – with timelines that are feasible and allow our firms to plan their investment,” says Richard.

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