One moderately injured following Bethlehem crash

The single-vehicle crash occurred on the corner of Moffat Road and Cambridge Road. Photo: Supplied.

A SunLive reader is reporting a vehicle crash in Bethlehem.

"The vehicle has left the road and crashed up the bank on the corner of Moffat Road and Cambridge Road," says a SunLive reader.

Police were notified of the single-vehicle crash at 5:42pm.

"The car went of the road into a bank," says a Police spokesperson.

"One person has moderate injuries and there are no reports of [traffic] blockage."

At the scene? Phone 0800 SUNLIVE or email

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Posted on 08-05-2022 09:28 | By Yadick

Wishing the steering hadn’t failed just then, wishing the brakes hadn’t failed just then, cursing the blow-out, dreading that medical condition, having a heart-attack, being an idiot . . . Nope sorry, can’t guess. Like you I could assume but that’d make an ass out of u and me . . . Road to zero - hahaha.

We Can

Posted on 07-05-2022 19:50 | By R1Squid

Probably guess what they were doing at the time.

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