Commissioners talk to Tauranga social agencies

Tauranga city commissioners Shadrack Rolleston, Stephen Selwood and Bill Wasley. Photo: Supplied.

Tauranga city commissioners met with social agencies this week to discuss the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan for the city.

The meeting was organised by SociaLink, the umbrella agency for social agencies in the Western Bay, and was focused on community needs for the future.

Commissioner Shadrack Rolleston says there has been underinvestment in the city’s infrastructure and community facilities for years, and that needs to be corrected. Amendments are needed to the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan to ensure the city’s future, he says.

"People were angry that the council had neglected the centre of the city for so long, and felt it needed more of a heart to get the city pumping," says Shadrack.

"While they had not wanted to start from scratch, a refreshment had been made to the 2017 plan for the city’s heart, Te Manawataki O Te Papa."

Commissioner Stephen Selwood says the new Infrastructure Funding and Financing Act means the city can apply for funding for transport projects and infrastructure for the city’s chronic housing shortage. This means it can fund development over a longer period and ensure that growth paid for growth.

This will enable the development of 2000 new homes in Tauriko West, and develop $200 million in projects that help people move around the city more easily to address congestion.

Commissioner Bill Wasley says the council needs to keep investing in the city to make up for underinvestment in the past, and focus on projects to address city issues and provide better levels of service, especially in transport.

Better funding balance was needed to ensure fairness in rating, he says.

“We want to regenerate pride in the city, and development contributions will ensure growth pays for growth. Increases in fees and charges will ensure users pay, and new residents contribute to infrastructure," says Bill.

He says the council’s six priorities were housing to meet the housing gap, transport to help people move around the city safely, create certainty in the Mount and industrial areas, bring people together and activate the heart of the city.

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@R. Bell

Posted on 21-04-2022 14:34 | By morepork

You might like to check the usage of "short sited" and "short sighted". I’m short on neither. " invested in revitalizing the city centre creates jobs, ensures local business thrives and gives people a reason to be proud of their city," No evidence whatsoever to support this. What it does is spring up some new businesses (agree that’s good) which then succumb to the real reasons why the CBD has died. (They are too many to list here...) It ISN’T short sighted to look at reality. I never suggested that EVERY decision requires a referendum, and the "Tom, Dick and Harriet" you scathingly reference, are the Citizens of Tauranga. MAJOR spending SHOULD be voted on. BTW, I believe the CBD CAN be saved (with the right Administration) and it won’t take $300 million to do it. Finally, I’m proud of Tauranga, with or without a skyscraping CBD...

Short sited and

Posted on 19-04-2022 08:33 | By R. Bell

narrow minded comments as per usual. Fact is that money invested in revitalizing the city centre creates jobs, ensures local business thrives and gives people a reason to be proud of their city, something elected councils have failed to achieve for donkeys years. Just imagine a system where every Tom, Dick and Harriet had to be consulted on every issue confronting us, man alive save us from these short sited commenters.


Posted on 18-04-2022 13:34 | By morepork

"...activate the heart of the City..." Really? Its only going to cost $300 million... according to the vision of our Commissioners. Housing and transport are no brainers and I’m glad they recognize that. Exactly how much will be spent on vague notions like "bringing people together" and "creating certainty for the Mount"..? Find out what the main issues are for people and get that list prioritized by a public vote. Then start addressing the things that WE care about and not what the COMMISSION cares about. ALL projects must be affordable and implemented against financial milestones. We work on what is NEEDED and not what looks good, although what looks good can be added to the list of priorities for future reference when we can AFFORD it. Fill the holes in Devonport road with shops at affordable rentals; stop thinking the CBD is a license to print money.


Posted on 18-04-2022 10:27 | By an_alias

People are angry that you have removed democracy. The only people you talk with are in your own echo chamber.

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