Glass makes a welcome return to the kerbside

From Monday, April 11, Western Bay of Plenty District Council will be collecting blue glass crates as per the usual collection day. Photo: WBOPDC.

Glass crates are making their much anticipated come-back to the Western Bay kerbside collection service.

The blue glass crates will return to kerbside collection schedules from Monday, April 11.

Food waste collections are still unable to be collected.

"The reinstation of glass crate collection comes as Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s Kerbside Collective contractors begin to get back behind the wheel after isolating as household contacts or positive cases of Covid-19," says Council’s Deputy CEO and Group Manager Infrastructure, Gary Allis.

"While some drivers have returned to work, we do not yet have the capacity to bring food waste collections back online."

Gary says they are thrilled to announce glass collections are coming back.

"We know how great our community is at recycling, and how eager they will be to get their glass crates back on the kerbside.

“We’re very grateful to everyone for their patience during this time.”

Gary says to everyone who was able to hold onto all of their clean, empty glass jars – please remember that contractors can’t take over filled crates – level with the crate lip is the most that can be collected at once.

"And please remember that extra bins or glass placed on the kerbside alongside the Council-approved crate will not be collected."

The non-official containers and cardboard boxes tend to get overloaded and fall apart when handled. This can lead to broken glass on roads and footpaths, causing potential health and safety risks and further delays for our kerbside collections team.

”We ask that excess glass is slowly fed back into your recycling over the next few rounds of collections if necessary, or taken to one of our community recycling centres.

“Drivers have to manually sort the glass at the kerbside, and lifting an overfull crate could lead to an injury.

“Also our collection trucks can only collect a set volume, if we were to take all the glass our community have carefully stored, it would probably fill our collection trucks before they finish their daily run, and people at the end of the run wouldn’t get their glass collected at all.”

The team continues to work on getting food waste collections back online.

"Until then you can freeze your food waste, add it to your worm farm or compost, or as a last resort – place it in the red lid rubbish bin."

Check when your next glass collection is with the Council's collection day finder

Sign up to Council's free kerbside collection day reminders by downloading the Antenno app.

"Each week we’ll send notifications to your smart phone the night before your collection day westernbay.govtnz/antenno ," says Gary.

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Heather P

Posted on 07-04-2022 13:36 | By HeatherP

Does this include Tauranga City Council ratepayers too?

Council's fail yet again

Posted on 07-04-2022 13:16 | By TheCameltoeKid

So Council says that they won’t pick up our extra glass and that we have to pay extra to dispose of this glass by physically taking it to a recycling centre at our expense or disposing of it in our landfill bin again at our expense. Not good enough! I think someone with the means should take both Councils to court over this because if this was a regular business that charged its customers a fee for a contracted service and couldn’t deliver that service they would be sued or at the very least have Fairgo camped out on their doorstep. I find this covid excuse conveniently contrived to disguise the fact the both Councils didn’t have a backup plan and resort to more health and safety B/S as to why they won’t pick up the excess. Councils score for this latest fiasco? F!

Again, you can do the service we are paying for.

Posted on 07-04-2022 11:43 | By LHem

So, once again you’re saying put your glass recycling out at kerbside, .... but don’t put it all out cos we can’t cope with that! Heaven forbid TCC actually provides us with the service we are paying for. A reader said last week this is not a covid problem, it’s a payrate problem. I agree, after all, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

Glass collection recommences

Posted on 07-04-2022 09:35 | By tia

It is nice to read Mr Allis is ’delighted’ to have glass collection start again. How ’delightful’ is it for ratepayers not to have a collection for 6 weeks and having it suggested that they take their glass to the transfer station - with fuel at nearly $3.00 per litre. I will be looking forward to my refund due to Council not performing - Yeah right

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