Tauranga Chamber of Commerce undergoes a makeover

Waikato Chamber of Commerce CEO Don Good with Tauranga Business Chamber CEO Matt Cowley. Photos: Salina Galvan Photography.

The business community is ever-evolving, and so too is the region’s longest-standing business organisation Tauranga Chamber of Commerce.

On Thursday, the Chamber unveiled a new look, a new name and a refreshed direction for the new year.

Now known as Tauranga Business Chamber, CEO Matt Cowley says the organisation's rebrand is a culmination of strategic work that has been undertaken over the last two years, with a focus on why the Chamber exists and how it continues to provide value to the local business community.

“The past two years have been a time of change for many local businesses and like our local businesses, we’ve been doing some reflecting too.

“The Chamber that exists today is very different from the Chamber that was founded in 1904, and we think now’s the time to better reflect the business community in which we live and work.

“As the Western Bay of Plenty’s go-to business hub, our focus is on supporting, connecting and empowering local businesses on their business journey, so they can thrive. Whatever success looks like to you, we’ll help you get there.”

Matt says the Chamber’s role as an independent advocate for the big issues has become an increased focus on the rebrand strategy, to ensure local business owners’ concerns are being heard at a local and national level.

“We are the trusted, respected voice of local business, and our experience and independence in this space enables us to be champions for the business community.

“With a challenging few years behind us, and more to come, this is a privileged role we don’t take lightly and will always be advocating for the big issues.”

The Tauranga Chamber of Commerce team.

The rebrand also strengthens the link between Tauranga Business Chamber and its flagship events and services, including Business Women’s Network (BWN), Tauranga Business Awards, LINKT Through Business (formerly LINKT Young People in Business) to support career progression in high achievers and the Business Growth Hub (formerly Small Business Tauranga).

Tauranga Business Chamber’s new rebrand was developed by local full-service agency and Chamber Member KingSt Advertising and Marketing, who have partnered with the Chamber for a year to support the Chamber on their own business journey.

“It’s been a great opportunity to partner with the team at the Chamber to develop and revitalise their brand,” says KingSt Director Tim Paton.

“As a group we wanted to create an identity and a platform to reflect both where the Chamber is today and where they are heading, with renewed energy and purpose”.

“We love developing strong brands and identities for our clients, and we’re confident that the process and strategy behind this work will serve our Chamber well into the future”.

To find out more about how Tauranga Business Chamber, visit www.tauranga.org.nz

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A new name does not a new organisation make

Posted on 01-04-2022 17:53 | By The Sage

Over the years my memories of the Chamber has been cocktail evenings once a month or so. There are a lot of the usual words being thrown around here like strategic, identifying, partners, focus, empowering, the usual lingo. What do they actually do other than get the Commissioners in for another two years? Who was asked for input on that other than Chamber members? Another organisation funded by the Council who are simply good at getting publicity to justify their existence.

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