Stormwater improvements in the pipeline

Works on Richard Street. Supplied photo.

With the heavy rain experienced in the Ōpōtiki District in the past week, stormwater and its management has been top-of-mind for many in low-lying areas.

Stormwater is the runoff from urban surfaces like roads and roofs when it rains. In the Ōpōtiki township, this runoff can be of particular concern because much of the town is low-lying and overland flow and ponding can cause issues.

Ōpōtiki District Council’s engineering services group manager, Stace Lewer, says the improvements to Ōpōtiki’s stormwater network were a key focus in the Long Term Plan and some of these works were already being seen around town – particularly the extensive works on Richard Street.

"The is part of Ōpōtiki’s largest stormwater catchment which covers around 60 per cent of the town. There are a few stormwater projects on our books that will work together to help reduce the impact of flooding in the catchment, including the current upgrade of Richard Street stormwater pipeline.

“Due to the growing impacts of climate change, we can expect more frequent and more extreme weather events than we have seen in the past.

"However, the current stormwater pipe that runs under Richard Street is too small for even current events and that has led to some of the ponding we’ve seen during large rainstorms.

"The upgrade currently underway will reduce overland flow and ponding in Goring Street, the primary school grounds and surrounding St John Street area."

The works have been underway for several weeks and are expected to be completed by early June.

"So far things are still on track to finish on time, but we have had a few complications with Covid, supplies, repairs, and of course the recent heavy rainfall.

"We really do appreciate the patience of the people and businesses along that stretch. We will keep doing what we can to minimise disruption and keep dust and so on to a minimum."

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Posted on 31-03-2022 16:40 | By Let's get real

Just wondering if these works would be deemed important enough under the Three waters scheme or would it join a queue for consideration, tenders and investigation before maybe being funded by ratepayers in Hamilton?

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