WBOP Council issues year-round water challenge

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"Water conservation doesn’t just have to be over the summer months. Why not be wai-wise (water wise) all year round?"

That’s the challenge Western Bay of Plenty District Council is laying down as its summer water restrictions come to an end.

Council’s alternate day sprinkler ban for the District has been lifted following the end of a hot, dry summer that led to increasing water demand and saw reservoir levels dip below the required levels.

Council Utilities Operations Manager EJ Wentzel thanks everyone for their water conservation efforts and helping avoid imposing further restrictions over the summer.

“Recent rainfall, cooler temperatures and reduced demand has seen our water demand return to acceptable levels,” says EJ.

“We thank the community for their efforts. Not only to limit any further restrictions, but for conserving our precious water supplies to do our bit for the environment.”

While water restrictions are no longer in place, EJ encourages everyone to continue taking practical stapes to conserve water in their homes and workplaces, such as installing water efficient shower heads.

“Wai (Water) is a precious commodity and good water conservation habits aren't just for the dry summer months, but all year round.

“Whether you have learnt a new water saving tip this summer or are water-savvy all the time let’s all work together to conserve water throughout the year.”

For tips on how to save water at home check out westernbay.govt.nz/water-conservation

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Resident issues water challenge

Posted on 31-03-2022 10:54 | By The Professor

Here’s a challenge for the Council - how about building additional water storage so that we don’t run out in the drier months? This is a recent issue caused by a significant increase in the population but with no exponential increase in infrastructure. It doesn’t take a genius to identify the cause here.......and it’s NOT climate change!!

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