Pukehina property caught up in police drug op

One of the vehicles restrained by police today. Photos: NZ Police.

Properties, vehicles and bank account funds worth a combined value of more than $7 million dollars has been restrained today.

The assets were seized by the Police Asset Recovery Unit, following ongoing enquiries related to Operation Weirton – the largest ever seizure of methamphetamine at the border.

Earlier this month, six people were arrested following the interception of more than 600kg of methamphetamine arriving through Auckland Airport.

The drugs had a retail value of almost $250 million.

As a result of ongoing enquiries by the Asset Recovery Unit, Police have today restrained four properties and five vehicles, including a Lamborghini Huracan and a Ferrari.

A bank account containing approximately one million dollars was also restrained.

The four restrained properties are in the Auckland suburbs of Karaka, Papakura, Henderson and in Pukehina in the Bay of Plenty.

Detective Inspector Lloyd Schmid says the assets restrained today belong to the alleged lead offender in this drug syndicate – a 36-year-old man.

Another one of the vehicles restrained by police today.

The man, who is a patched Mongrel Mob gang member, was charged in relation to Conspiracy to import Methamphetamine and Money Laundering and is next due to appear in the Manukau District Court on 2/5/2022.

Police are unable to rule out further charges being laid against this individual.

“This is a significant seizure of millions of dollars’ worth of property, allegedly gained from the proceeds of crime.

“These criminal syndicates are motivated by financial greed and prey on those who are most vulnerable, with no regard for the destruction and social harm that methamphetamine causes in our communities.

“We will continue to target criminals who gain wealth through the sale of illegal drugs and strip them of their illegally obtained assets,” says Detective Inspector Schmid.

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I'm With Bruja On This

Posted on 29-03-2022 12:18 | By Yadick

Great work, long may it continue. Thank you.

Excellent work!!

Posted on 28-03-2022 17:06 | By Bruja

Just superb! Thank you Police and Customs, thank you.

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