Time to choose: Feedback sought on key decisions

Stephen Selwood and Anne Tolley.

Transforming the heart of our city and making rates fairer for everyone are two of the key topics Tauranga City Council is asking people to share their views on over the next month.

At a council meeting on Thursday, Commissioners approved the consultation document for the proposed Long-term Plan Amendment 2021-2031 (LTPA) and draft Annual Plan 2022/23.

The community is now invited to provide feedback on the proposals set out in the consultation document during the submissions period, which runs from March 25 until April 26.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley says when council adopted the Long-term Plan 2021-31 last year, there was an expectation that some things in the plan would change before the next three-yearly review.

“We said at the time we’d be asking for further feedback on the issues the people of Tauranga were telling us are important to them. That time has come.

“The proposals outlined in the consultation document are responses to the frustration and anger we heard from the community about the indecision which has held the city back.

“After all, Tauranga is New Zealand’s fifth-largest city, but our regional significance is simply not reflected in our cultural and civic amenities, or in the infrastructure we need to support a great lifestyle.

“We now have an opportunity to tackle these issues, but first it’s important to hear what the community thinks.

“We invite everyone to share their views, to help the Commission make informed decisions on how to achieve the best outcomes for Tauranga.”

Key topics people are being asked to share their views on include:

  • How council should implement the masterplan for the civic precinct – ‘Te Manawataki o Te Papa’ – to help revive the city’s heart and create the experiences expected of a modern city
  • Proposed rates structure changes to ensure the commercial sector pays a fairer share of our total rates, particularly relating to transport costs
  • Using a new Government financing and funding approach for projects that would help address our inadequate housing supply and traffic congestion, funded by levies on the properties that benefit from these investments.

People are invited to share their views by filling out a feedback form online, picking up a feedback form from council’s customer service centre or libraries, or coming along to one of the events below:

  • March 26, 9am-2pm, The Little Big Markets, Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui
  • March 30, 5pm-7pm, Matua Bowling Club, 108 Levers Road, Matua
  • April 2, 2pm-4pm, Hungahungatoroa Club, 16F Hungahungatoroa Road, Matapihi
  • April 6, 6pm-8pm, Welcome Bay Community Hall, 244 Welcome Bay Road, Welcome Bay
  • April 9, 1pm-3pm, Tauranga Crossing Mall, 2 Tauriko Drive, Tauriko
  • April 10, 7am-1pm, Papamoa Lions Club Market, Gordon Spratt Reserve, Papamoa
  • April 12, 5.30pm-7.30pm, Online event via Microsoft Teams.

To be considered in the Council’s LTPA and Annual Plan decision-making processes, feedback from the community must be received by 5pm on April 26.

Submission hearings will take place from May , and deliberations will follow from May 23-26.

Final decisions are expected to be made and the LTPA and Annual Plan 2022/23 adopted on June 27.

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@Let 's Get Real

Posted on 31-03-2022 14:01 | By morepork

An excellent statement; succinct and accurate. I agree 100%, but I am REALLY sorry that such is the case and we have come to this...


Posted on 29-03-2022 11:12 | By Let's get real

How will buildings that will stand empty for most of the time attract more people into an environment of empty shops? These people are building their own grandiose empires along with their c.v. Not one building will show a profit or break even over their lifetime. The only resource that downtown holds is the bars and restaurants and they’re only there because they are situated away from the main housing areas and don’t need to be overly concerned about noise complaints and antisocial behaviour. Which is why I now choose to explore dining options in the suburbs along with increasing numbers of people. We don’t want or need grandiose civic buildings. They don’t fulfil any desperate requirements for normal residents in our communities, only those that want monuments to their own self importance.

Your a joke

Posted on 27-03-2022 12:28 | By an_alias

Time to choose, you have removed that what the hell are you talking about. We have had no choice, why not stand in an election, then we can say we had a choice

Stop the BS keep to the facts.

Posted on 26-03-2022 18:44 | By Accountable

There is no way a group of buildings worth millions of ratepayers money as shown will bring an increase of visitor numbers into the ailing CBD. The city center has had its visitor growth severely restricted by the council bureaucracy over many years by the constant removal of plentiful and accessible car parking. The less car parking the less people and a CBD as we see it now. Compare it with Bayfair and The Crossing as examples where more parking guarantees more people. No need to borrow up to $300,000,000 to improve it just build the necessary free parking and the people will come and with them we will start to see the required growth and vibrancy through the constant increase in the number of visitors from the suburbs wanting a new shopping experience.

Same rhetoric

Posted on 26-03-2022 17:13 | By Slim Shady

And another thing. Tenby was at it, now these are the same. They always threaten that unless we have huge Rates rises that “essential services” (like rubbish collection, which seems to not be that essential at the moment) will be cut. But they want their money chest to fund museums and fancy corporate ivory towers. As though they are a priority. It should be be other round. Moderate rises and if something has to go it’s the frivolous and self indulgent stuff. But no, threaten everybody with “essential services” being cut, just to fund their dream projects. And the people of Tauranga clearly chose what their priorities were last time. Tenby didn’t have a mandate and neither do these. No consultation. No democracy. Just arrogance.


Posted on 26-03-2022 14:16 | By CliftonGuy

I note that this was posted at 06:50 on the 26th. The first event starting at 09:00 the same day. Talk about advance warning! NOT!!! This is one way of ensuring that the minimum of residents attend the event to ask awkward questions.

I agree with Slim.

Posted on 26-03-2022 12:27 | By morepork

We can cut through all of the above because nothing that anybody says will be acted on anyway. This is a charade. The agenda has been set without consultation, why would the details be any different? They will do whatever they want to do and that will be what reflects the most "glory" for them. Ask Tauranga Ratepayers whether they would rather have a prestigious CBD (right now... not saying "never"), OR less increase in rates and the real priorities (roading, housing, etc.) acknowledged and actioned. You get a prestigious statement when you can AFFORD it, not because some Commissioners claim it on their CVs.

Yes Slim

Posted on 26-03-2022 11:52 | By Kancho

Absolutely right. We can’t elect anyone and consultation I learnt a long time ago doesn’t mean any for of agreement it just means we told you so. A commissioner chair of Smartgrowth for umpteen years but what smart growth has there been ? So last rates bill and this rates bill let’s not talk percentage let’s say seven to eight hundred dollars added . With cost increases in rubbish and water etc. Government selected and controlled why not ask them to fund a lot more out of the taxes we pay.

Time to choose

Posted on 26-03-2022 08:41 | By Slim Shady

I thought we had got rid of the right the choose? Selwood doesn’t like to talk about the % increases. He just likes to count the $. Yeah, I bet. He needs a new suit to fit his fat wallet into.

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