Police making enquiries following Matua explosion

A car had in Matua has been damaged by an explosive device, causing damage to two nearby properties. File photo.

Police are investigating the cause of an explosion that has damaged a car and nearby properties in Matua on Saturday night.

A SunLive reader living in Matua reports waking to the sound of a large explosive noise on Saturday night, and has told SunLive that local residents are asking about a "bomb exploding under a car and shrapnel landing through the ceiling of the house next to the car explosion on Linton Crescent".

Police says they received reports of a loud bang in the Matua area on Saturday around midnight.

"Police responded to the scene where a car had been damaged by an explosive device on Linton Cresent," says a Police spokesperson.

"Pieces of the car caused damage to two nearby properties but did not cause any injuries."

Police will be investigating the circumstances of this incident and are in the initial phase on enquiry.

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Catch this guy...

Posted on 13-03-2022 14:00 | By morepork

... and lock him up. It is sheer blind luck that nobody was hurt and it is a trend that we don’t need in this country. I can’t think of a more cowardly way to express that you have an issue with somebody.

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