Surface flooding warning following heavy rain

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People driving around Tauranga this morning are being warned to keep their eyes out for surface flooding.

Heavy rain has been falling for a few hours now and flooding is being reported on Takitimu Drive and at the Bayfair roundabout.

Motorists are advised to adjust their speeds accordingly and drive with care.

A heavy rain warning is currently in place for the city.

Image: MetService.

The MetService says in the 16 hours from 8pm Sunday to 12pm Monday, 80 to 110mm of rain is expected to accumulate.

"Surface flooding and slips may be possible and driving conditions may be hazardous."

The weather organisation expects the morning rain to turn to showers, before clearing this afternoon.

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Posted on 18-10-2021 10:45 | By dumbkof2

its not dangerous when wet if you drive to the conditions. don ’t speed through flood waters

A very dangerous road when wet.

Posted on 18-10-2021 08:21 | By Womby

I’m very surprised this piece of main highway, both directions too, has not been fixed. It has been dangerous for a long time, even in moderate rain. Water pools up and sprays clean over the centre barrier, tugs the steering wheel violently, and is scary even with good tyres and a modern vehicle. It would be interesting in this day of health and safety rules what would happen if a fatal accident happened there as the risk has been identified, signs out at times but not attempt to fix the problem.

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