LIVE: 37 people in hospital with Covid-19

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield are fronting today's media standup.

UPDATED 1.058PM: Thirty-seven people are in hospital with Covid-19 today.

All are in Auckland hospitals. Six are in ICU or high dependency units.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield is giving the latest numbers at the daily media update this afternoon.

He says of those in ICU, four people are being ventilated.

"Our thoughts are with those people and their whanau, especially in Auckland where whanau are not able to visit."

Ashley is also reporting 15 new cases of Covid-19 in the community, all in the Auckland region.

He says 218 people have since recovered from the virus and there is now a total of 855 people with Covid-19 in this cluster.

Number of new community cases 15
Number of new cases identified at the border One
Location of new cases Auckland
Location of community cases (total) Auckland 838 (210 of whom have recovered); Wellington 17 (eight of whom have recovered)
Number of community cases (total) *855 (in current community outbreak)
Cases infectious in the community Five (25%) of yesterday’s cases have exposure events
Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infected 15 (75%) of yesterday’s cases
Cases epidemiologically linked 13 of today’s cases
Cases to be epidemiologically linked Two of today’s cases
Cases epidemiologically linked (total) 830 (in current cluster) (25 unlinked)
Number of sub-clusters Eight epidemiologically linked subclusters. The two largest subclusters are the Mangere church group: 371; and Birkdale social network cluster: 76.
And nine epidemiologically unlinked subclusters.
Cases in hospital 37 (total): North Shore (8); Middlemore (14); Auckland (15)
Cases in ICU or HDU Six
Confirmed cases (total) 3,473 since pandemic began
Historical cases, since 1 Jan 2021 (total) 130 out of 1,655 since 1 Jan 2021
Number of contacts identified (total) 38,018
Percentage who have received outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements) 87%
Percentage with at least one test result 91%
Locations of interest  
Locations of interest (total) 126 (as at 10am 5 September)
Number of tests (total) 3,082,577
Number of tests total (last 24 hours) 13,230
Tests in Auckland (last 24 hours) 8,566
Tests rolling average (last 7 days) 10,855
Testing centres in Auckland 21
Wastewater detections No unexpected detections in past 24 hours
COVID-19 vaccine update  
Vaccines administered to date (total) 4,032,710; 1st doses: 2,662,131; 2nd doses: 1,370,579
Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 72,893; 1st doses: 49,594; 2nd doses: 23,299
Māori 1st doses: 245,139; 2nd doses: 120,907
Pacific Peoples 1st doses: 157,145; 2nd doses: 82,434
NZ COVID-19 tracer  
Registered users (total) 3,169,906
Poster scans (total) 341,866,852
Manual diary entries (total) 15,654,896
Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday 1,018,481

There may be some delays in providing data in some instances. On these occasions we will use data from the day before and clearly note this.

*A previously reported community case has been reclassified as a border case. The total number of cases associated with this outbreak has increased by 14 since yesterday.

New cases identified at the border

Arrival date From Via Positive test day/reason Managed isolation/quarantine location
4 September Philippines Singapore Day 1 / routine Rotorua


Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield will provide an update on the current Covid-19 outbreak and the vaccine rollout.

On Tuesday, there were 21 new community cases announced. All in Auckland.

Thirty nine people were in Auckland hospitals, including six in ICU or high dependency units.

There are now 841 cases in the cluster, 824 in Auckland and 17 in Wellington.

More than 3.9 million vaccines have been administered to date, including 2.6 million first doses and 1.3 million second doses.

Tune in above to find out more about today's numbers.

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Fingers crossed.

Posted on 08-09-2021 20:51 | By morepork

These numbers simply show that the policy of elimination is looking more and more viable, despite the naysayers, doubters, and criticisms we experienced from all over the World. Sometimes (actually, MOST times...) it is better NOT to follow the herd, but to think for yourself and formulate your own policy. Sure, you can draw on other’s experience, but you should never let it stifle your own creativity. We have people here who are of the calibre to do that, and we should be thankful for people like Dr. Blumfeld and his team.

Grand reopening

Posted on 08-09-2021 15:32 | By Slim Shady

I am a little alarmed at Minister Hipkins seeming to backtrack a little on our grand opening up, citing Delta as a “game changer” (yes, sick of hearing that chestnut). Delta was the dominant strain globally when they announced their plan a few weeks ago. It hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is that the number of cases and the number of deaths, globally, has been falling in the past couple of weeks (per our world data). So the reticence he now exhibits is either a knee jerk panic response to our little outbreak, or the grand reopening was a lie to get us all compliant. Difficult to know because knee jerk responses are this Government’s MO.

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