Multiple vehicle crash at 11th Ave intersection

File photo. SunLive.

There has been a multiple vehicle collision on Cameron Rd at the 11th Ave intersection, also known as Faulkners Corner.

Police were alerted to a report of the multi-vehicle crash at the intersection at around 11.20am.

"The road was reportedly blocked initially," says a Police spokesperson.

No injuries have been reported.

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Tauranga Drivers

Posted on 23-08-2021 15:19 | By Vivella2

Seriously??!?Omg!! An accident at a traffic light controlled intersection during lockdown, NOT at all surprised. Typical Tauranga drivers NOT looking WHERE they are driving- were probably on their phones!! And let’s not forget the love of tailgating on Cameron Rd & Fraser Street- actually EVERYWHERE!

Ron & R1Squid

Posted on 22-08-2021 07:47 | By Thats Nice

They may have been getting medication from the pharmacy and/or be essential workers.


Posted on 21-08-2021 16:18 | By Ron

Hardly anyone is allowed to be out in their cars and there is a multi vehicle accident. Ironic.


Posted on 21-08-2021 14:33 | By R1Squid

There is a ALERT LEVEL 4 Lock-down in progress ;)

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