Youths arrested following Arataki fight

Police have increased patrols in the Arataki area.

Police patrols have been increased in the Arataki area following a large fight over the weekend.

A large police presence and a build-up of traffic was reported to SunLive on Saturday afternoon.

According to members of the public, there were multiple police units near Baywave and Bayfair, along with a large group of college aged youth congregated along Girven Road.

Senior Sergeant Deidre Lack, Area Manager - Response, Mt Maunganui, says police are aware of recent incidents involving youth disorder in the Arataki area.

“On an incident on Saturday afternoon, three young people were arrested for disorder.”

She says there were no reports of any injuries.

“Police know incidents like this are concerning for residents, and patrols have been increased in the area as a precaution.

“Police are asking anyone with information about recent incidents or those involved to get in touch by phoning 105.”

Deidre says anyone with immediate concerns for the safety of themselves or others should call 111.





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Posted on 05-08-2020 17:31 | By morepork

You can’t just drench everybody with dye and assume they are guilty. (well, I suppose you CAN, but it is hardly democratic or legal, and more the behavior of a Police state than what we want here.) I don’t want the Police doing what is done in some other countries; I want them doing what is just and legal based on OUR values, as a Kiwi solution.


Posted on 04-08-2020 06:27 | By mac attack

Love it and haven’t heard it referred as such since I was a youngun in the 90s. I thought the name was bougied to "Bayfair" these days lol.

Just May Be

Posted on 03-08-2020 21:02 | By The Caveman

The police should start taking note of how similar problems are controlled in other countries ! Move in with a water cannon truck and SPRAY everybody with coloured water !!! Then you have many days to ID and pick them up for public disturbance!!

@ Sunlive

Posted on 03-08-2020 12:46 | By Yadick

Thank you for the update. Should’ve been far more arrests for the disruption it caused to traffic.

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