Ngatai Road works to be completed this week

The new crossing on Ngatai Road. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

The new road layout for Ngatai Road in Otumoetai will be completed this week, showcasing Council’s goal of creating better urban connections that are safer, smarter and easier for all road users.

The project includes Tauranga’s first two-way protected cycleway and was co-funded by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, steered by the local community and completed by Tauranga City Council. 

Tauranga City Council general manager: Infrastructure Nic Johansson says as the city grows, we need to start planning for its future now.

“This project is one piece of the puzzle in minimising future congestion issues and supporting liveable, healthy and sustainable communities.

"We want to make it easier for more people to travel by bus, on bike, on foot and on mobility devices.”

Ngatai Road was chosen for the project as it is a key connection between Bellevue, Matua, Otumoetai, Pillans Point and the central city.

With three schools in the area, it is also a road where concerns have been raised about speed and safety.

The new layout addresses these concerns with a two-way cycleway, shared paths, various safe crossing points and several bus stop locations between the Otumoetai Road roundabout and the Matua saltmarsh.

Parking on the eastern Carlton Reserve side of the road is also retained.

Although new to Tauranga, two-way cycle lanes are common in other NZ cities and around the world. This type of cycleway is safer for people on bikes and minimises the reduction in carparks, says Nic.

"We anticipate a transition period as everyone adjusts to the new layout. We have rolled out an educational campaign and will continue to work with the community to minimise disruption."

For more information on the new Ngatai Road layout, visit

What you need to know about Ngatai Road:
Two-way cycleway
The cycleway is 3m wide so there’s plenty of room. Please keep to the left.

Getting on and off the cycleway
There are breaks in the cycleway opposite side roads (like Western Road) so that confident riders can get on or off the cycleway.

There are other places for less confident riders to cross the road safely.

Shared paths
You’ll see shared paths near some of the crossings. These are for everyone, so please keep to the left whether you’re walking, scootering or biking.

New crossing facilities
The green section of the crossing is for cyclists. You’re allowed to ride your bike across it. People in vehicles must give way to people on bikes just as they do for pedestrians. Always slow down, stop and look for traffic first before crossing safely.

Driveway safety
If you’re backing out of a driveway onto the cycleway, please remember to look both ways and give way to people who are on the cycleway and footpath.

No parking on the cycleway
Please remember not to park in the cycleway. There is substantial parking on the Carlton Reserve side of Ngatai Road as well as off street parking.

Rubbish collection
Rubbish bins blocking the cycleway are a safety hazard for people on bikes. On rubbish day, please place bins on the grass berm between your footpath and the cycleway.
Rubbish trucks will drive slowly on the cycleway to empty the bins. People riding on the cycleway when this happens will need to switch to the footpath to get past the trucks.

How will the buses stop?
Two of the city-bound bus stops are right next to the cycleway. Everyone needs to cooperate to share with care.

If you’re catching the bus:
Wait for the bus on the footpath, not on the cycleway. Cross the cycleway carefully when the bus has arrived.

If you’re riding on the cycleway:
You must give way to anyone who is crossing at the bus stop.

If you’re driving behind the bus:
Buses will stop in the traffic lane to let passengers on and off. Please wait behind the bus. Stops typically last less than 30 seconds.

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Posted on 31-07-2020 21:23 | By A M Lusby

I had to drive down Ngatai Road today. My immediate thoughts were " WHAT THE **** " Such an astronomical waste of rate payers money

More ideologically-driven expenditure

Posted on 30-07-2020 14:04 | By Chris Lee

This experiment with a shared protected cycleway on one of the safest stretches of road in Tauranga terminates at each end with a cycle+pedestrian crossing. I predict these crossings will cause more car vs cycle accidents and the bus stops will result in passenger vs cycle accidents. On top of that cars backing out of north-side driveways have to look both ways for cyclists (good luck with that) and will stop across the cycleway to continue backing into the traffic lane. To top it off it’s simply impossible for a cyclist travelling east on Ngatai Rd to turn right onto Otumoetai Rd quickly and safely. And this "safe" cycle solution will be propagated into the city. I hope someone at SunLive is collecting accident statistics...


Posted on 30-07-2020 12:02 | By Slim Shady

A waste of money as usual. What they have done is actually make it more dangerous. They have put in gnarly great fencing to force people to either do a massive detour to cross or ignore that and cross the road exactly how they have always done. The bus stop and speed humps are still too close to the roundabout and will cause a collision no matter how many stripes you paint or lollipops you install. The concrete looks beautiful though. Worth every dollar. Not.

Smarter Roads - Yeah Right!

Posted on 30-07-2020 10:28 | By The Caveman

BUS STOPS in the middle of a traffic lane !!

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