Tauranga Council vote on salaries

The first meeting of the newly-elected council was held in the Tauranga City Council Chambers on Tuesday. Photo: Alisha Evans/SunLive.

Some councillors will be getting paid more than others after Tauranga’s newly elected mayor and councillors confirmed their roles on the council’s committees.

The decision, along with how they will divide their pay pool, was made at the first council meeting yesterday.

As it stands, Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell will receive $159,431 per year plus a vehicle of his choosing up to a budget yet to be decided on.

The deputy mayor will get $139,563 per year.

A chairperson standing on a committee will receive an annual salary of $121,276, while a deputy chairperson standing on a committee will get $108,763.

A councillor with no additional responsibilities will get $96,251.

The above are all based on a proposed remuneration for councillors report presented by the Remuneration Authority at yesterday’s meeting.

The mayor and councillors voted on how to divide the pay pool that has been allocated to them by central government’s Remuneration Authority, which has increased the size of council pay pools across New Zealand.
The mayor and councillors decided that committee chairs and deputy chairs should receive a significantly larger proportion of the pool than the other councillors.

Along with the salaries, the mayor and councillors confirmed the chair and deputy chair roles for each of the council’s committees.
These include:
Urban Form and Transport
Chair: Deputy Mayor Larry Baldock
Deputy chair: Heidi Hughes
Chair: Steve Morris
Deputy chair: Dawn Kiddie
Projects, Services and Operations
Chair: Kelvin Clout
Deputy chair: Jako Abrie
Finance, Audit and Risk
Chair: Mayor Tenby Powell (interim)
Deputy chair: Tina Salisbury

All councillors and a tangata whenua representative will serve on each of these four committees.
Mayor Tenby Powell says the appointments set a positive platform for the future.

“This is an opportunity to create positive working relationships in our committees so we can better serve our community.

“Together, we can work towards the common goal of making Tauranga a better place for everyone.”


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who should vote

Posted on 10-11-2019 16:05 | By hapukafin

The rate payers are the one that should be doing the voting.Same as for the Central government.


Posted on 07-11-2019 14:30 | By Tom Ranger

trust politicians. Ever!


Posted on 06-11-2019 22:36 | By Old Bloke

So compared to the voters who put them in to these well paid jobs. Mayor: 4 times the median wage 6 Times the Super payment Committee chairman 3 times median wage 4.5 times Super payment Councillor 2.4 times Median wage 3.5 times Super payment Nice work for a guaranteed 3 year contract.


Posted on 06-11-2019 21:38 | By terry hall

thats a laugh not more should be less, look at the crap they put out, housing in the lakes. museum. council offices, you wonder if half of them do a days work 3d ave offices they park in 3d ave it is patrolled by parking wardens, you see the staff come out every hour to check to see if they have a chalk mark if they have they wipe it off and move the car to another part of the street, more salary i think not.

Money Money Money

Posted on 06-11-2019 20:49 | By surfsup

Si does that mean I can apply for a job, get it and then before doing any work get a pay rise. Not a good start by the new mayor or council but hey they tell us they have to have these salaries to do the job that is required to get Tauranga sorted out.

Well done

Posted on 06-11-2019 19:02 | By Potofstu

Give your self a payrise you aint done anything to deserve it but what the hey it’s nearly xmas

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