Election results finalised following draw

Hinerangi Goodman wins draw in Whakatane District Council elections. Photo: Supplied

Results for the 2019-22 triennium Local Elections for Mayor, Council and Community Board have been finalised yesterday following a tie in the Murupara-Galatea Ward of the Whakatane District Council elections.

The final vote count showed that candidates Hinerangi Goodman and Alison Silcock had drawn with 262 votes each.

Clause 58(5) of The Local Electoral Regulations 2001 states that the successful candidate will be decided by lot, and this was undertaken late Friday afternoon by Electoral Officer Dale Ofsoske from Election Services.

The successful candidate drawn was Hinerangi Goodman, who is now elected to Council. Electoral Officer Dale Ofsoske says this situation was unprecedented for the Whakatane District Council in determining its councillors.

“This has been a challenging situation for the candidates, and highlights the adage that ‘every vote counts’,” says Dale. “There is a clear and definite process to follow under the guidance of Local Electoral Act 2001 when there is a tie, and this has been the only way to determine the successful candidate.”

Judy Turner was elected as mayor of Whakatane District Council, along with councillors John Pullar, Victor Luca, Lesley Immink, Julie Jukes, Nandor Tanczos (Whakatane-Ohope Ward), Hans Tiakiwai (Taneatua-Waimana Ward), Gavin Dennis, Wilson James, Gerard van Beek (Rangitaiki Ward), and Hinerangi Goodman (Galatea-Murupara Ward).

Dale says the final declaration of results will be printed in the Tuesday, October 22 2019 edition of the Whakatane Beacon and will also be made available on the Whakatane District Council website.

The Inaugural Council meeting of the new triennium will commence with a pohiri to welcome elected members at 1 pm on Friday, October 25 2019 at the Whakatane District Council Civic Centre.

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What Happened

Posted on 21-10-2019 08:44 | By Yadick

Hinerangi, you have a beautiful smile on your face having accepted this position. I thought you were going to take this to Court and would not accept this process. Has this changed now you have won the seat. Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about you winning the seat however, you stated catagorically that you would not accept the process involved.

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