Absolutely divine

Nothing could have prepared me for the heavenly relaxation that awaited me at Tease Botanix’s new hair and beauty rooms.

Creator-owner Teena Cooke has branched out this year and enlisted the help of experienced beauty therapist Holly to provide excellent beauty services, using Teena’s products at her Bellevue premise.

Beauty therapist Holly Pedersen and Tease Botanix owner Teena Cooke. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Luckily for me, I got to experience the Tease Botanix Signature Facial. This treatment has several points of difference to other facials I have experienced. The first being tailor-made products to suit individual skin types.

The beauty of creating your own products means products can be created on-site, on the spot, to tailor to the needs of each client. For my younger skin, I required products that dealt to hormonal issues and sensitive, oily skin. The facial began with the Manuka Deep Cleanser to clean without drying out my skin and targeting the problem break-outs. Not only does it feel and smell delicious (with a combination of Manuka honey and lavender), but my skin felt noticeably smoother. I felt like the weight of the world was already lifted off my face.

Next was an AHA Fruit Gel Mask – a ‘non-chemical’ peel. Unlike harsh, abrasive chemical peels, this serum is designed to have the same effect – removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating my skin – without leaving my face red, inflamed and in pain. Again, with the natural, botanical ingredients, this product smelt delicious.

The final face step was the mask, custom blended to suit my skin type. Holly ended up selecting their Lotus Botanical Enhancer to add to the mask, which felt great, smelt great and was generally amazing on my skin. It didn’t feel heavy or gunky like other face masks and was very soft on my skin without the feeling of claustrophobia and suffocation.

But my favourite part of the facial was actually nothing to do with my face – it was the massage while the mask set. Using Tease Botanix beautiful massage oils, Holly gave me an incredibly relaxing shoulder and neck massage, followed by a wrist and hand massage. It was divine and the perfect way to compliment the relaxation of the facial.  

The great thing about Tease Botanix is that when the facial is all over, they don’t want you leaving like a relaxed, sleepy mess with a shiny red face and bed-hair. Following the wonderful facial, Holly then gave me a light coat of Bella-Vi mineral foundation, while Teena touched up my fringe (which had a mind of its own following the headband).

It is the perfect way to end the facial and left me feeling great. My skin felt incredible, looked incredible (the girls at work all instantly noticed on my arrival) and even four days later my skin was still glowing from the treatment. There is something to be said of all natural products, and Tease Botanix not only smell great, but they feel light and calming on the skin, acting like a breath of fresh air from all the pollution and chemicals we encounter on a daily basis.


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