Don’t swim in flood water warning

The public are reminded to avoid swimming in streams, rivers and beaches for 48 hours after heavy rain because of possible contamination. “After heavy rain there is likely to be contamination from rural and urban run-off” says Medical Officer... Read More

Tauranga’s water restrictions lifted

Water restrictions in Tauranga have been lifted with immediate effect. With rain across the city during the last few days, and more predicted, restrictions are no longer needed to manage water demand, says Tauranga City Council city waters manager Steve... Read More

Opotiki recovers as rain eases

As rain eases over night, river levels fall, and flood waters go down, residents in the eastern Bay are beginning clean-up operations The rainfall event saw more than 300mm of rain accumulate in some areas in just 48 hours. In the Opotiki town centre,... Read More

'Warm tongue' drives Tauranga weather

A warm tongue of moist tropical air is driving Tauranga weather today as it lies across the central north island. Depending where it meanders is whether Tauranga has heavy showers or not so heavy showers. “There was previously a watch for the Bay... Read More

Brown drinking water in Hauraki district

While there is no quick fix for the brown-tinted drinking water periodically on tap in the Hauraki Plains, the Hauraki District Council is investigating a possible long-term solution.  Caused by high levels of manganese, the discoloured water looks... Read More

BOPRC monitoring lake/river levels

With heavy rain warnings and rising rivers, Bay of Plenty Regional Council is keeping a close eye on lake and river levels and planning for more to come overnight and on Tuesday. Most rivers have reached their first warning levels and indications are... Read More

Rain brings more potholes

New Zealand Transport Agency are warning motorists in the Bay of Plenty to drive with caution, as heavy rain in the region has resulted in an increase of potholes and slips on roads. NZTA Transport System Manager Rob Campbell says several potholes have... Read More

Bromeliads having a wonderful summer

The country has been withering in the heat, going crisp around the edges with 41.3 registered in Timaru, 37 in Waiau, 34 in Culverden, an official high of 29 in Tauranga and an unofficial high of 32 degrees. But the bromeliads which are native to the... Read More

Mangrove bill open for submissions

Thames-Coromandel District Council has put in a submission in support of the Thames-Coromandel and Hauraki District Council Mangrove Management Bill. The submission supports the bill in its entirety, stating that the current regime is not working because... Read More

Future leaders at young growers comp

Six of the region's top young horticulturalists went head-to-head today in a series of events at this year's Te Puke A&P Show, as part of the 2018 Young Grower of the Year competition. The day-long event was the first round in the contest... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should terminally ill people be legally allowed to end their own life or ask to have someone end their life on their behalf?


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