Clip-on cycle bridge on SH2 gets green light

A clip-on will be added to the Wairoa Bridge to connect the cycleway between Omokoroa and Tauranga. File Photo.


Cyclists will soon be able to bike between Ōmokoroa to Tauranga.

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council has given the go ahead for the construction of a $5.2 million cycleway on the Wairoa River bridge crossing.

Council’s Group Manager Infrastructure Services, Gary Allis, says it’s the final connection point into Tauranga City and gives cyclists safe access across the bridge away from traffic.

“State Highway 2 is a busy road with more than 30,000 vehicles per day on this section.

“It’s currently an unattractive and risky route for cyclists.”

“The bridge is 177m long plus approaches, has a clear width between handrails of 2.15m and will span the Wairoa River as a clip-on to the existing bridge.

“The engineering has been future-proofed in the event a similar clip-on is put on the other side of the bridge at a later date.

“The bridge clip-on will be in conjunction with work on State Highway 2 from the bridge to Carmichael Road.

“That includes a 3.0m wide concrete cycle/walking trail beside the road, kerb and channel and major road reconstruction.

“These two sections will be the final part of the Omokoroa to Tauranga cycle trail to be constructed with completion around the end of the year.

“The successful contractor will be announced shortly.”

Gary says the clip-on was decided after it became clear their original plan of building a separate bridge to the existing Wairoa Bridge would be too costly.

The original budget for that was $6.5m, but the final estimate was over $15m.

The total cost of the Omokoroa to Tauranga cycleway project is estimate around $13.4M.

Gary says it’s a 19km cycleway expected to attract around 200 commuter cyclists a day.



Great Idea

Posted on 22-02-2019 12:02 | By Persimmonsarevile

Excellent solution compared to the megabuck bridge previously proposed. All those people complaining remember cyclists pay rates as well and most pay car regos etc. Why don’t you guys stop being so lazy and take your grandkids or kids out this weekend and use some of TGA’s awesome cycle/walking track network. Imagine trying to ride your bike across what is there now, we can’t seem to go a week without cars crashing into each other no wonder you don’t see many on bikes brave enough. Build the cycle network and they will come.

Sunlive Poll

Posted on 05-02-2019 08:46 | By Maryfaith

.... shows 87% of people drive their private cars. 4% use bicycles. 5% use the bus. It doesn’t matter how many buses and how many bicycle lanes they foist upon ratepayers WE WILL USE OUR CARS !!! Stop wasting our taxes in this farcical manner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total lack of common sense!

Posted on 30-01-2019 15:44 | By Maryfaith

I despair at the total stupidity being shown, time after time, by this group of ’elected representatives’!! Must be something in the council water - they are not right in the head!! Be lucky if one cyclist uses it - then if another happens along - they will have doubled their numbers! This is how they think - Like the empty buses patrolling our streets!

No respect for ratepayers

Posted on 30-01-2019 13:35 | By dybryan

Once again we find our council spending ratepayers willy nilly! Remember there is an election coming up this year.


Posted on 30-01-2019 12:05 | By BAATS

Hi Gary - Bet your 200 commuters a day Omokoroa - Tauranga proves to be a wistful dream. Frank Webster


Posted on 30-01-2019 08:11 | By Told you

I have just read that over 13 Million is to be spent on this cycle way, WHY do we need this track?. If the council thinks it will take 200 cars of the road they are sadly mistaken as in the winter you will be lucky to get 10 cyclists using this pathway.A totally misguided conception and should be canned now before it goes any further.

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