Rule reminder after close call in Tauranga Harbour

A screenshot from the video as the ship approaches the boat.

Very lucky!

This is the title of the latest post on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Facebook page.

This is in response to a video which shows a boat in the path of a cruise ship in Tauranga Harbour last year.

The video shows a boat, which looks like it had two people in it, mere metres away from the Celebrity Solstice as it left Tauranga Harbour on December 14, 2018.

Two other boats come rushing to the first boat’s aid as it is caught in the wake of the massive cruise ship.

The video, which was captured on the Berth 1 harbour camera, has prompted a rule reminder from the Regional Council.

“Keep clear 50 metres to each side of a ship and 500 metres ahead.

“That’s two container ship lengths to the side and three and a half rugby fields in front.

“Don’t let your next trip be your last.”

For more information about boating rules, visit the Bay of Plenty Regional Council website.

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