GRAPHIC: Cow pieces found near Tauranga estuary

What is left of the cow in the shrubbery down by the estuary by 13th Ave. More graphic photos can be viewed below.  Images: Supplied.

Pieces of a cow are the last thing some people would expect to find when walking along an estuary.

But that’s exactly what Vicky Wheelton discovered when she was walking her small border collie along the estuary at the end of 13th Ave on Saturday.

“The dog was having a real good sniff in some of the bushes right on the water’s edge. I wondered what it was and used a stick to pull it out and it was a front hoof with bit of the leg up to the first joint from a cow. It was quite big, about the same size of a small hand,” says Vicky.

“We went along a bit further and we found a back hoof. It was a big hoof with no leg at all, but very fresh.”

On Sunday Vicky went out walking her dog again, this time with her husband. They went walking further along the estuary and down by the storm water drain exit discovered more pieces of cow.

“There was quite an overgrown patch which the dog was most interested in and it looked like another dog had already been pulling pieces out from the bush, someone has obviously butchered it and taken the meat,” says Vicky.

“I thought it had been washed up at first because the first piece I found was on the water’s edge, but when we found the other pieces on Sunday it had defiantly been dumped.

“It was quite a shock, you don’t expect to find something like that in suburbia.”

Warning some photos are very graphic:


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