Tauranga man warns of apparent mailbox scam

The alleged scam was delivered to the mail via post. File photo.

A Tauranga man is putting the word around to watch out for dodgy promotional material promising huge cash prizes arriving in the mail, apparently from a Malaysian tour company.

Steve Smyth notified newsroom@thesun.co.nz of his concerns over the material, informing him he has won $US200,000 from a company based in Kuala Lumpur.

Steve says he was suspicious in seeing the envelope from Malaysia.

“The address was not correct and had the wrong post code,” he says.  “The brochures had bad grammar and use of odd or wrong wording.”

He says he researched scams online and found many with similar features.

“All seemed to be the same with two scratch cards, one winning second prize of $US200,000 and the other losing, but the company name was different.”

“On the scratchy it stated that there may be a need to pay government taxes to claim.”

“I don't think I'll take this any further.  I’m just letting people know.”

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An Oldie

Posted on 20-07-2018 09:37 | By rosbo

This did the rounds a few years ago and is definitely a scam

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