Waioeka Gorge SH2 planned to re-open this Saturday

Contractors working at the site of the slip. Photo: NZTA/Facebook

The NZ Transport Agency is expecting to re-open SH2 through the Waioeka Gorge on Saturday 30 June.

NZTA Regional Transport Systems Manager Rob Campbell says contractors have made great progress clearing the 7,000 m3 of material that came down with the slip earlier on Sunday.

“We have had a helicopter sluicing the area today and this work will continue tomorrow, but based on the progress that we have already made we are optimistic that we will be able to re-open the road safely for people on Saturday.”

The NZ Transport Agency advises the opening will be subject to a final safety assessment, and the road will initially open to a single lane at the slip site with stop/go traffic controls in place.

“Following on from the recent floods in Gisborne we understand the impact on the region of this vital route being closed, and we want to thank road users and the community for their understanding and patience while we’ve worked to clear the slip."

The Transport Agency will continue to provide and further updates via social media and the NZTA website.

If travelling before the gorge is re-opened motorists are asked to use SH5 or SH35 as an alternative route.

Please plan your journey and be aware these alternative routes will add significant time to your trip.

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Why Not Tunnels?

Posted on 29-06-2018 08:13 | By Road Ranger

In an unstable area such as this why don’t NZTA construct tunnels (the same as in other area of NZ). Hopefully this will alleviate road closures in the future. Any future slips will then go "over" the road instead of "through" it.

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