Distinctive vehicle stolen in Tairua

Police are on the hunt for a distinctive vehicle which has been stolen in the Tairua area.

In a post on the Waikato Police Facebook Page, police say the vehicle was stolen in a burglary yesterday from an address on the Tairua-Whitianga Road.

"The boys from Tairua Police would love to hear of any information around this and keep your eyes out please.

"You can either let Constable Paul Johnston know at Paul.Johnston@police.govt.nz or PM the page with the rego and we will pass on the info."


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Posted on 25-06-2018 21:24 | By The Caveman

that pinched that wagon ?? OH, yes looks good double cab and a short uite deck - great vehicle NAH !!! NO resale value even on the "dark market in NZ" There are probably no more than couple of dozen of them in the whole country. Police will know, and they will known (by now) where the other 23 are, thus NOBODY (even crims) will touch this one. It’s like "hay I am a crim" and I have this "special" vehicle - OH - the coppers are stupid so wont be looking for it ----- YEAH RIGHT. (might as well grab a cop car and think you are going to drive it for life !!!!)

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