Headless chooks and salted wounds

The annual fiasco at TCC continues, with rampant spending. And so the outrageous rort upon Tauranga ratepayers continues unabated, regardless of genuine, well-considered and obvious concerns presented to councillors over the last month by many citizens.

Amazingly, public views and objections haven't featured objectively in the decisions yet.

All are devoid of logic/future-proofing/prudence so long-term, TCC ratepayers’ well-being is protected. Councillors have instead latched onto all spending conceived of and merely approved all before them.

The obvious example is the CBD library spend, $35m plus (all new debt) for a “modern, fit-for-purpose” facility. However, the former TCC CEO of libraries confirmed that attendance/existence/use was dropping rapidly (same the world over) and in less than 10 years would be redundant.

So ‘modern’ etc. must mean TCC ratepayers will pay/maintain gratis free use of computers/internet/coffee/newspapers and the like. That isn't a library, it’s just keeping the staff numbers up to allow all others to self-reward increased remuneration, adding insult to injury.

What then is the point of spending $35m plus on a library (building meant to last 50-plus years?) when there is no likelihood of a book existing after 10 years?

This, of course, is part of a bigger issue of mushrooming staff numbers, now well over 1100 on the payroll and no sign of realism there either.

I Stevenson, Tauranga.

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Posted on 15-06-2018 11:01 | By Crash test dummies

That about sums it up!!!!!

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