A ‘sneaky flip-flop’

Tauranga City Councillor John Robson campaigned on a platform to ‘Stop the Museum’. At the TCC meeting to conclude this subject, he attempted to slightly amend the resolution to make it acceptable to more councillors. Had this passed, it would have meant a ‘yes’ vote by the majority to ensure the museum project was passed. Fortunately his sneaky flip-flop did not succeed. This indicates Councillor Robson is not abiding by his election promise and in fact, can’t be trusted.

W Morris, Tauranga.


John Robson responds:

The key message of my campaign was one of ‘balance’ as can be seen in my candidate profile statement. My signs identified key issues including excessive and unsustainable increases in rates and debt, and an extravagant $55m museum.

My voting record shows that I moved and voted for a rates cap – a motion that was passed by council. With regard to the museum issue, I have spent time explaining the process to Mr Morris, but he appears to not want to listen. Suffice to say, I moved and voted for no money for the museum (either Capex or Opex) for the next 10 years – a motion that was passed by council.

I’m still working on the debt. I keep my promises.

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@ W Morris

Posted on 17-06-2018 11:44 | By the roofer

I thought exactly the same as you. They run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. He can’t be trusted to keep a promise.

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