Stand up for your share

It may seem like a serious problem for the kiwifruit industry, but come on, why would you want to work for low wages, or want to carry others who have never seen a kiwifruit, or work for an industry who can send you home after waiting for fruit to dry and not even think about the petrol you have wasted or the time?

To share a bin rate with others who are hung over or with a cold, or a sore neck and back. Why would you want to carry others? There is no guarantee of a wage that can meet the cost to live.

We have heard how much profit the packhouse and orchard owners make year after year. For 35 years I have slogged my guts out to make you all rich.

PSA came and the government helped out the orchard owners but us workers had a two-week stand-down to be allowed the dole. I give you all a middle finger and laugh at the comedy that you call the kiwifruit industry.

Stand up for your share. Don’t be tricked into joining the circus or, like me, you will get trapped into a life of poverty and broken promises. You have been warned.

M Pratt, Te Puke.

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