State Highway 2 trial now finished

Traffic was backed up as far as Whakamarama at 9am on some mornings during the trial. File photo.

The New Zealand Transport Agency and Western Bay of Plenty District Council say adequate data has been gathered and the trial on State Highway 2 near Te Puna is now complete.

The trial was carried out between Clarke Road and Te Puna Station Road on most weekdays from Monday 14 May.

It involved partially closing Te Puna Station Road.

Transport Agency Bay of Plenty journey manager Nigel D’Ath says the trial was carried out to see if it would reduce the number of people using the side roads and hopefully lead to improved and more consistent travel time.

“We now have enough information to see if the trial was successful. However, we still need to analyse this data before we get in contact with the community to let them know the outcome and any potential changes.

“We’d like to thank people for their patience and their feedback throughout the trial.”

The trial was investigated as a minor improvement.



Posted on 24-05-2018 14:58 | By JK101

Stopping people using the side roads will only put more cars on State Highway 2. So I dont understand their thinking in the fact that it may improve the flow of traffic. People were just entering State Highway 2 at Clarke Road or even the Te Puna roundabout instead of at Te Puna Station Road which they pushes the build up of traffic back further along State Highway your photo proves...all the way back to Whakamarma.A suggestion to help this congestion would be to make the whole of State Highway 2 four least from Omakaroa.Another sugestion...although they would never do this one....would be to use the railway bridge over the Wairoa River during peak hour(stopping all trains for those set times of the day)

Here’s a bit more data

Posted on 24-05-2018 06:10 | By namxa

Nope. Still a slooooowww trip into town.

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