Air NZ to follow up with passengers

An Air New Zealand flight circled Tauranga Airport for around 90 minutes last night before landing. Photo: Cameron Avery.

Air New Zealand will be following up with passengers today, after a flight due to land at Tauranga Airport last night was forced to circle for around 90 minutes due to a faulty indicator light.

A spokesperson for the airline says in challenging situations such as this, the first obligation of the pilots is to ensure the continued safe operation of the aircraft as they work through the issue.

“This is often in consultation with operational or engineering support from technical experts on the ground.

“In the case of last night’s flight, the pilots were managing a situation with a faulty indicator light associated with the status of the landing gear.”

She says in these situations the pilots work through detailed check lists in line with standard operating procedures.

“The pilots last night also executed several passes of the airfield in order for the control tower to make a visual check.”

She says despite what was a ‘high workload’ in the cockpit, the pilots briefed passengers on two separate occasions.

“Once the flight was safely on the ground, all passengers were invited into the Air New Zealand lounge at Tauranga airport and 40 of the 50 passengers accepted this invitation.

“They were given a full debrief on the situation by an Air New Zealand pilot who outlined the safety and engineering processes our pilots and crew followed as they prepared to land the aircraft and answered any questions the passengers had.”

She says the Air New Zealand customer care team would be following up with passengers again today.

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Posted on 23-05-2018 07:41 | By maildrop

They followed up with me when their broken old 767 to Hawaii was delayed by 8 hours. They told me to get lost. It cost me hundreds. Yet they make record profits.

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