Traffic delays after Cameron Road crash

An ambulance has been called to the scene of the crash. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Traffic is buidling up on Cameron Road following a crash near 5th Ave.

Police are at the scene.

A reporter at the scene says it appears two vehicles have had a minor crash in a nose-to-tail incident.

Traffic is moving past slowly, as the lefthand lane is impeded.

He says two ambulances are also at the scene to check over the people involved in the crash.

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Traffic is crrrrraaaaaaazyyy

Posted on 20-03-2018 19:52 | By jed

Traffic is a huge issue everywhere in Tauranga now. Oceanbeach road has kilometer long buildups. The mount flyover... welcome bay, bethlehem. Took me 45 minutes to get from the mount to a tauranga appointment, around 10am. . . well after rush hour supposedly ended. I thought i’d allowed huge amounts of time but I was late. Often takes me nearly 1/2 hour to get from baywave to my home at the mount, around 7.30 in the morning. I get caught up in all the traffic trying to get to tauranga. It is absolutely nuts. We have a small town with small town roads . . . when are they going to actually invest in some decent solution... hamiton seems to get so much more investment in roading .

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