Waimarino boat heads off escapee

Blair Anderson’s boat Courtship with the constable still on board. Photo: Sam Cameron.

Blair Anderson’s boat’s name seemed appropriate today when, with a constable on board it, was used in the capture of a man escaping police by swimming down the Wairoa River.

The man jumped into the river after being involved in a lengthy police pursuit that resulted in the vehicle’s tyres being spiked before it caught fire on the Wairoa Bridge.

He was swimming downstream when the constable arrived at the Waimarino Adventure Park asking for a boat, says park director Blair Anderson.

The boat is named Courtship. And after seeing the boat with Blair and the constable on board heading toward him, the escapee headed for shore and handed himself in.

“He actually got a good distance, a good 400m swim and a walk in the mud,” says Blair.

“It was a quick launch for us. We raced down there and once we got down to within 50-100 metres of him he decided to walk up to visit the police that were on the land. Once he saw the boat he decided to go hand himself in.”

Police say the man will face a number of charges and expect more information on the charges for which he will appear in court, to be made public later today.

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Posted on 13-03-2018 10:06 | By RustySpoon

Good on ya Blair

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