Police road spikes reduce car to rims

The video below shows the flames coming from under the bonnet of the vehicle. Video: Chris Strange.

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A police pursuit this morning resulted in several sets of road spikes being deployed, which reduced a fleeing vehicle to rims and caused it to catch fire.

Police first saw the vehicle near Katikati at around 9.30am.

A police spokesperson says the vehicle had been driving suspiciously in Waihi, but a pursuit was not initiated.

“Instead, police followed at a distance, observing the car, which at that time was driving within the speed limit.”

She says police then set up road spikes near the Wairoa Bridge on State Highway 2.

“As the car headed toward the bridge, the driver spotted police and did a U-turn, driving away at speed.”

Police initiated a short pursuit but abandoned the chase a short time later.

“Road spikes were deployed in Whakamarama Road and at around 10.15am the car went over those spikes, blowing the front left tyre of the car.

“The car continued on, towards Ross Road, driving on the rim of the front left tyre.”

A further set of road spikes were set up at the intersection of Youngson Road and Old Highway, says the spokesperson.

“The car went over these spikes also, then turned on to Barrett Road and State Highway 2.

“A further set of spikes were deployed near Wairoa Bridge, where police observed the underbody of the car appeared to be on fire.”

The driver abandoned the car and jumped into the Wairoa River, swimming towards the ocean.

Officers followed the man along the river bank and took him into custody when he came out of the water near an inlet.

Police say he is likely to face a number of charges and more information on those will be available later today.

The car on fire on Wairoa Bridge. Photo: Dan Iaccarino.


Lock them up

Posted on 13-03-2018 10:54 | By triplediamond

These idiots need to be sent a clear message.3 years jail with no parole!It is cheaper and much safer for communities to lock theses muppets away.

Nearly hit me

Posted on 12-03-2018 12:54 | By Rachie

So lucky to be alive as this guy nearly hot me front on seconds before the fire started. I slowed down as felt something was off then there he was in front of me then saw the flames in my rearview mirror and him jumping over the side.


Posted on 12-03-2018 12:15 | By dumbkof2

should be a mandatery 12mths jail for the driver and 9 months jail for any passengers. also if a stolen vehicle 18 months jail for all occupants. if a fleeing driver kills someone should be murder charge. judicary in this country far to soft on these lowlifes.

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