Woman dies in Tauranga crash

Emergency services at the scene of the crash. Supplied photo.

An elderly woman on a mobility scooter has died following a collision with a vehicle in Tauranga.

It happened on Ninth Avenue shortly before 12.30pm today. 

"The woman died at the scene," says Sergeant Craig Madden.

"Ninth Avenue between Cameron Road and St John Street is closed but expected to reopen shortly.

"The Police Serious Crash Unit is investigating."


I am also so sorry to read this

Posted on 15-02-2018 16:48 | By doff

There has been a push in Tauranga for more roundabouts to speed up the traffic flow. I have railed against this as roundabouts are only safe for cars. Cyclists, pedestrians, mobility scooter users, mothers with prams are all at risk as traffic comes from all directions at legal speeds of up to 50kph! I was advised by a council staff member about 3 years ago that there were plans to install traffic lights at 9th Ave/Cameron Road. Of course motorists are against this as it slows them down. I have had many close shaves at this same crossing as you cannot see the cars coming at you until the last minute. Please get out of your cars and from behind your desks and walk these intersections and see how risky they are.

So very sorry

Posted on 15-02-2018 16:14 | By Bruja

but just this Tuesday gone, I was coming down Cameron Road by Pak N Save and an elderly woman woman with a walking stick was on the verge of the grass area in the middle of the road. She was trying to ’dodge’ in between cars to cross the road. I remember thinking ’oh hell, go to the pedestrian crossing Lady!’. The traffic on Cameron Road is shocking enough even within the relative safety of a vehicle. Please, please everyone, use the pedestrian crossings. :(

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