Car windows smashed in CBD

Two young men have been taken into police custody following a car window smashing spree. Photos: Andrew Campbell.

Eight commuters who parked their vehicles in the city council Dive Crescent carpark today are in for an unpleasant surprise when they return.

The rear quarterlight windows on eight of the parked cars have been smashed.

Police were notified of the incident around 10am.

A police media spokesperson says two males have been arrested for interfering with cars on Dive Crescent.

The spokesperson says police are still investigating the matter and it’s unclear if any charges have been laid yet.

Witnesses to this morning’s incident say police chased the alleged offenders on foot, but they were later located on the corner of McLean Street and The Strand.

Two young men were taken into police custody and were seen being driven away in patrol cars.

Some of the broken car windows.



Posted on 06-02-2018 14:01 | By clingon

No job, no discipline, no shirt, no hope: if they like broken things how about breaking a couple of their fingers; they will heal unlike the car windows,(it’s pure vandalism because you can’t even get into a car through those small windows) but will cause them inconvenience just as those car owners have experienced...

Bring back the birch

Posted on 31-01-2018 19:17 | By friendee

A very similar person and his mates damaged my cars.They got a slap with a wet bus ticket, fifty hours work at a kohanga reo,why they would send criminals to a kindy I don’t know.While the cops are in cleanup mode they could have a look at the bus shelter,no wonder people will not patronise it.


Posted on 31-01-2018 19:10 | By Ness

We can all guess what they will get absolutely nothing, they should be locked up now to stop future victims as their career in crime has just begun, once a loser always a loser.


Posted on 31-01-2018 18:31 | By overit

Will get off lightly no doubt.

Mean and nasty

Posted on 31-01-2018 16:45 | By Happyday

little no counts. Hope the judge throws the book at them, literally.

Hope they pay

Posted on 31-01-2018 15:55 | By Kendra

for the damage they caused, plus a letter of apology to each car owner. Absolute thugs. No doubt the judge will just tell them not to do it again though....

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