Baypark set to get wild

Current New Zealand champion, Peter Caughey. Photo: Neil Jones.

To a spectator of jetsprinting, the sport undoubtedly raises adrenal levels, but for one of the methanol-sucking monsters who races in the event, the experience is next level.

This weekend, at ASB Baypark Arena, crowds from around the region and more than 30 competing jetsprint racing teams will feel that rush at the Enzed Stadium Cup 2018.

The competition is wide open, with current holder Phonsy Mullan unable to travel from Australia where he is defending his national title.

The hotly contested Mouthfresh Superboats Class is expected to get the crowds excited.

Current New Zealand champion, Peter Caughey, is hoping to maintain the top podium place, however as any jetsprint regular knows, anything can happen on race day.

Australian team Frankenzstain, co-driven by brothers Ted and Darek Sygidus, are one of many who will be out to make a dent, alongside husband-and-wife team Poison Ivy, Rob and Ange Coley.

Local teams include Rusti 1, driven by Aaron Hansen and navigated by Julie-Anne Shanks, and NZ Riverjet, Nick Berryman and Tanya Iremonger, who came third in the second meeting of this season.

All-girl superboat team Bitches Box are hoping for their first big win, as are Girl Torque team in the Stinger Boats Group B Class.

One team hoping things don’t get quite as hot as their last trip to ASB Baypark is Bars Bugs.

Driver Blake Briant and navigator Kate Hoogerbrug certainly made the crowd sit up and take notice when a crash resulted in them being flung across the track in a ball of flames.

Luckily they both avoided serious injury, and this time, they will be hoping to stay on the track for a podium place.

See all of the teams at the event this Saturday, January 27, from 5-10pm. Gates open from 3pm and tickets are available through Eventfinda with a savings of $10-$20 on gate ticket price for general admission adult and general admission family.

For more information, including ticketing, visit: or: or call 0800-BUYTIX.


Get wild?

Posted on 27-01-2018 14:45 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks to be about as exciting as a storm in a tea cup!


Posted on 27-01-2018 10:47 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So we can expect that the in field will not be suitable again for rugby, to back to the Domain again right?

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