A plea for laptop to be returned

Kristie Purton formerly suffered from cystic fibrosis and has received a double lung transplant. Supplied photo.

A Greerton woman is begging for a laptop filled with photos of sentimental value to be returned to her, after it was stolen from her house on Wednesday.

Kristie Purton, says the laptop is one amongst several items taken from her property.

“It has photos on it from when my children were born and as far back to when I was a child myself.

“Life is short and I’m worried that if I was to die tomorrow, my children would lose these memories.”

She says her children’s iPad, which had been situated next to their bed during the burglary has also been taken, with her car also raided.

“I feel quite violated someone was walking around in my house, and in my children’s room while we slept.”

Kristie formerly suffered from cystic fibrosis and has received a double-lung transplant only six months ago which she says saved her life.

“I had only just come back from Auckland, where I was having a check up on my lungs to see everything was okay, when this happened.

“My health is good at the moment, but as anyone knows transplants can be rejected. Anything could happen and I’d like my children to still have memories of me.”

The incident has been reported to Police and Kristie says she is now asking anyone with information to come forward.

“If anyone sees this laptop being sold online, or knows any information please come forward. It is a black HP laptop.”

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Backup backup backup

Posted on 26-01-2018 10:48 | By fhekker

An all to common story I see too often in my line of work (computers). A good reminder to backup your computer, phone, ipad etc. regularly. or install free backup software to the cloud (secure internet storage). costs are relatively cheap now if you have a LOT of data above the free minimums theses free providers allow. mega.co.nz gives 50GB.

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