Less speed, less harm

Speed limits have been raised from 100kph to 110kph on some of our roads because the roads are safe authorities say. The majority of our roads are safe. The problem is unsafe drivers.

Everyone's in a hurry. Life is lived at such pace. People are so busy and stressed out. They're impatient, inconsiderate and drive in the same mindset.

You get to your destination just the same doing the designated speed limits. Running late is no excuse for speeding. Leave home a few minutes earlier, drive responsibly and considerately and we'll all get to where we're going safely and alive. Oh if only!

There was another fatality on SH2 recently. Possibly the result of excessive speed and there will be more on this stretch of SH2 until the new highway is built.

Ignorant drivers don't drive to the road/weather conditions, speed limits, don't adhere to the road rules, if indeed they know them, drive drunk/drugged or text while driving. I see that constantly.

The impact of an accident at 110kph is colossal and injuries sustained are often not survivable. Our overworked, underpaid emergency services don't need this extra work.

So much for the TV campaign – less speed, less harm.              



Posted on 09-01-2018 13:40 | By maildrop

Amazing that you think speed doesn't cause accidents yet both of you propose a speed limit! Only you think it should be 120 because you've decided that is what is safe and within your capabilities. When will people get it in their thick skulls that it's not all about you, and what you think is safe or you think you can go safely at? Everyone thinks they can drive faster than limit without crashing. I do. All the people who caused crashes did. But we have laws. By your rationale are you saying we should do away with all limits? Or are proposing you should decide the limits? Should you two decide on other legal matters too? The inability to actually think what you are saying through to its logical conclusion is unbelievable.

In answer TheCameltoekid.....

Posted on 29-12-2017 16:42 | By groutby

...I agree...I frequently use the TEL and was on the Waikato Expressway just today, I think 120kmph would be fine for most, but the turkeys amongst us are simply not able to comprehend the concept of actions and consequences, so let's see how 110kmph goes for now maybe. As far as comments such as this writer, it is an understandable (but largely incorrect in my view) that 'speed' is the main reason for fatalities and indeed many road 'incidents'....The 'all to common' inability to concentrate on the task in hand is represented well by the number one 'single vehicle' incidents happening also, driver error, no more no less..(excepting medical or mechanical issues of course)..so until we can put down that damn' phone and realise that we actually SHARE the road with everyone else...act in a civil way and use all to rare common sense, then this will only escalate.

Get your facts right!

Posted on 29-12-2017 13:12 | By TheCameltoeKid

The recent fatality on SH2 had absolutly nothing to do with excessive speed. In fact one of the vehicles involved was a vintage car. And regarding raising the speed limit on the TEL and Waikato Expressway is a good thing and I believe 120kph would suffice as these roads are designed with safety in mind as both roads have median barriers and large runoffs. How many Pine trees had to die in order for this tripe to be printed.

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