Drunk drivers busted in police sting

Officers from Tauranga, Hamilton and Rotorua were involved in the operation.

A total of 42 people were caught drink driving as part of Operation Tri-City.

Rotorua Police, alongside Hamilton and Tauranga Traffic Alcohol Groups were out in force in the weekend running checkpoints across Rotorua, with 7986 cars stopped across Friday and Saturday evening.

Police have been working hard to remind road users to stay sober, alert, and safe this summer, but unfortunately many people still haven't got the message, says Inspector Anaru Pewhairangi, Area Commander Rotorua.

Across the two days, 42 people who Police stopped were over the legal breath alcohol limit, with a number of these over double the limit.

“This is extremely disappointing, and frankly quite shocking,” says Anaru.

“These people are putting themselves and others at serious risk.

“We want to see people enjoying Christmas and the festive season, but this doesn't mean putting yourself in danger.

“There are many options to get home after a few drinks, whether it's having a nominated sober driver, a taxi, or public transport.

“It's not worth the risk of harming yourself, or someone else.

“If you've been drinking, the answer is simple – don't get behind the wheel, make sure you get home for Christmas.”


@ 1rcford

Posted on 06-12-2017 09:01 | By Ben Dover

If you go out for a drink with the family/friends then nominate a driver who won't drink alcohol that night! Not a great hardship to miss an odd night of boozing and no wait/charge for a taxi. Better than breaking the law!

Taxi? What a joke

Posted on 05-12-2017 20:52 | By 1rcford

Friday night I had a couple of beers decided prior to this that I would call a taxi or get dial a drive! So the night was ok couple a beers with family ( not a party ) 10:30 popped up very fast and though I should organise a ride, phoned taxi price is normally $18 done this a few times from mum n dads but this quote $45 not public holiday, decided to phone around most phone calls leading to the same call centre decided to try dial a drive same price and a 3.5 hour wait wtf!!! And you wonder why people drive

Absolutely agree.....

Posted on 05-12-2017 11:00 | By groutby

....that one driver over 'the limit' is to many, and one injury/death as a direct result of a drink driver is to many...but..it is interesting (and I would have thought 'reasonably' satisfying) to know that the sum total of the 7,986 drivers tested and found to be 'over the limit' is just over .5%.....point 5 of one percent....if that (as commented in the article) is 'shocking'...what would this make our NZ Police crime solving stats look like?

Potential killers!

Posted on 05-12-2017 10:42 | By Ben Dover

It's about time these criminals were dealt with severely and given sentences which will act as a deterrent to themselves and to others as well.

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