Treaty minister refutes iwi claims

Local iwi protesting on the Wairoa Bridge. Photo: Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson has hit back at Tauranga Moana iwi over their protests against the Hauraki Collective settlement.

A spokesperson for the minister says as far back as 2004, the Waitangi Tribunal confirmed Hauraki iwi have customary interests in Tauranga Moana, particularly in the Katikati-Te Puna area.

“Several weeks ago the government was accused of entering into a secret deal with iwi of Hauraki,” says the spokesperson.

“That is wrong. There is no secret deal. Ngai Te Rangi has been advised of this fact repeatedly.

“An overlapping claims process between iwi of Hauraki and Tauranga Moana iwi (including Ngai Te Rangi) has been ongoing since 2012. The parties have agreed a range of matters including recognising the interests of Hauraki iwi in the Tauranga Moana Framework by adding a fifth iwi seat to the Tauranga Moana Governance Group.”

Proposed arrangements for the Tauranga Moana Governance Group (part of the Tauranga Moana Framework) provide for four seats for Tauranga Moana iwi, one seat for iwi of Hauraki (and any other iwi with recognised interests in the Tauranga Moana catchment) and five seats for local government.

“No date has been confirmed for the signing of a deed of redress with Pare Hauraki as negotiations are ongoing. The intention is to sign the Pare Hauraki Collective Redress Deed when negotiations are closed.”

On Sunday, local iwi protested the Crown’s negotiations with the Hauraki Collective by marching across the Wairoa Bridge – an act that resulted in the bridge being closed for a short period of time.

Tauranga MP and Transport Minister Simon Bridges says people have a democratic right to protest peacefully.

“It’s clearly something local iwi feel strongly about. In regard to it being on a state highway, it was good that the protest was on a weekend so less working traffic was disrupted, but the closing of such roads should be used very sparingly."

NZTA provided traffic management for the protest, while the decision to close the highway completely was made by police.


@ Murray.Guy

Posted on 17-08-2017 00:35 | By MISS ADVENTURE

That is certianly right, in fact with one backs away that still take a mile and complain anyway.


Posted on 22-07-2017 08:08 | By Tgaboy

I agree mate. I would support you to have your motorcyclist protest on the bridge just to see the outcome of whether it’s allowed.

Give an inch and ...

Posted on 20-07-2017 13:23 | By Murray.Guy

Give an inch and ... they will take a mile. It seems that local Iwi have in the past acknowledged that Hauraki Iwi have an interest in in our region, without perhaps appreciating the potential outcomes. We know that in negotiation / discussion with our children, teenagers, employers, employees, The Crown, our local authority, our local Iwi or a distant Iwi, the cricket Club or the Museum and Arts folk ... invariably, IF WE GIVE AN INCH, there will be an attempt to take a mile, to abuse the process ... and invariably successfully so. Mostly we give in, take what we perceive to be the ’easy path’. In regards New Zealand, I have an ’interest in all areas and all things, BUT that does NOT give me the right to a seat around the local table in regards the governance of that area. Greed has no boundaries.


Posted on 20-07-2017 09:02 | By dumbkof2

i strongly protest about these protesters protesting in my name. i didnt ask you to so please stop using me in your protests

SO Simple Simon says that me and my BIKER mates -

Posted on 19-07-2017 22:26 | By The Caveman

150 odd of us can go and sit on the Wairoa Bridge this weekend for 3 - 4 hours because we don’t like the cheap and nasty "cheese cutter" road side barriers that are being put on roads all over NZ. AND NZTA will provide the road close trucks. YEAH RIGHT, mr Simple Simon Bridges !!! WHY are TAURANGA residents so GULLIBLE ??? He is past his USE BY DATE. Look at 15th Avenue - it was a NATIONAL party promise - when - SIX years ago to FOUR lane it - Has it happened - NAH. OH but NATIONAL are now suggesting that it MAY happen AFTER this years elections YEAH RIGHT. HOW many other PROMISES over the past few years have not happened.


Posted on 19-07-2017 22:03 | By sweety

One hour out of a year the main highway is blocked and your all up in arms. Do you all know what this protest is about, " NO" going by the comments. This protest is for the whole of Tauranga Moana that means you too, we don’t want it going into Hauraki hands, can you imagine what the consequences will be. Hauraki Moana!!!! Mauri Ora

Apart from all the other......

Posted on 19-07-2017 22:00 | By groutby

...reasons as to why this protest was just plain wrong, Mr Bridges says "people have a democratic right to protest peacefully"...well yes of course, but holding up a bridge with Maori warfare (Taiaha) is deemed peaceful?...they are weapons mate!..nuf said Simon? haven’t got it yet eh?..but it is election year folks....

How about this Simon?

Posted on 19-07-2017 16:45 | By penguin

As a Pakeha I want to organise (hypothetically) a large protest march in relation to state of the roads, road tolls, traffic jams on Turret Road, rates, politicians and anything else that springs to mind. Would I get special dispensation to block a busy state highway e.g. SH 29A? Or does that not count, politically? Does the word hypocrisy figure here? After all, the motives for my protest are deeply meaningful to me and my fellow protesters.


Posted on 19-07-2017 15:31 | By Laurie

So there is no ’secret deal’ as had been suggested, the Tauranga iwi have known about this situation since 2004. At the end of the day if you cut through all the hype & rhetoric this protest is all about greed - the Tauranga iwi don’t want to share any of the forthcoming treaty settlement for the Tauranga Moana with Hauraki iwi even though they have customary interests.

Dear Simple Simon

Posted on 19-07-2017 14:46 | By Merlin

There are plenty of other roads that could have been used not a state highway.To @By roseh perhaps they should have blocked Somons drive so he would miss his plane connection.People do have appointments and work on a Sunday dear Simon.

mr ken

Posted on 19-07-2017 14:19 | By pamken

so its ok to block a main highway says Mr Bridges , as long as it dont happen to often?????? , how many times is it ok Simon,? sitting on the fence again where Maori are concernd Simon as you do.


Posted on 19-07-2017 13:17 | By roseh

Am sure you really don’t care if they close the road unneccesary.If you keep on there side then looks good for you.The whole thing is bad as not about Tauranga Just two tribes They need to take there problems alse where.Perhaps Outside Simon’s place or around his area He Might care then !!!!!!!!!


Posted on 19-07-2017 13:11 | By morepork

Why do we need ANY unelected members on ANY Governance Board? If something needs "Governance" then the Board to "govern" it should be elected, or it should be managed by Government. There will be occasions where special expertise may be required in order to run something properly and that can be a minefield. The elected Governance Board would need to select suitably qualified people, within the budget they are allocated, and with complete transparency and accountability as to how they reached their decision.


Posted on 19-07-2017 12:53 | By overit

Why do we need 5 unelected Maori’s on a Governance Board?

Getting to work

Posted on 19-07-2017 12:29 | By Sealegs

Perhaps Simon Bridges isn’t aware some of us have to work on Sunday’s and there are no quick alternatives from the Katikati side. I have no idea how anyone can think that annoying people will make them support their cause.


Posted on 19-07-2017 10:54 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The TV areial viewed showed maybe 100+ something there, not "hundreds".

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