Regaining access around Mauao

Weather in April caused a large slip on Mauao.

Work to build temporary access around a major slip on the Mauao base track began today. 

The work will once again complete the base track loop by enabling people to walk around the slip site, on the Pilot Bay side of the mountain.

The wooden steps are intended to be temporary and removable to avoid damage to archaeological sites in the area. 

“We're expecting to open the steps up within two weeks - sooner if we can manage it. As soon as they're done we'll be letting the community know,” says Tauranga City Council's Parks and Recreation Manager, Mark Smith. 

Tauranga City Council staff are simultaneously working through a long-term solution that will reroute the base track to run along the beach, offering a view of the ocean and the statue of Tangaroa. 



Posted on 17-07-2017 17:42 | By Papamoaner

I guess you could ask them to put in a requisition for better weather. That might do the trick for you.


Posted on 17-07-2017 16:09 | By Chris

This track has been out of action since APRIL, when Council said it would take "a few weeks" to resolve.

@Denny G

Posted on 17-07-2017 15:37 | By Papamoaner

Ok, so would you still be happy if maori charged you a small fee to walk the track? If you say no to that, then let's apply an analogy to a few other activities. Maybe start with broken golf courses etc. Are you familiar with the expression "swings and roundabouts" ?


Posted on 17-07-2017 15:33 | By Papamoaner

Be reasonable man ! The weather has been atrocious. Ever heard of hydrostatic pressure on slopes and hills? I've never been involved with any council, but I can imagine what a nightmare it must be sometimes with a full in-tray and a full "too hard" tray, and the minions all snapping at your heels wanting "their" job done first. You could of course just hire more staff and more contractors, then sit back and wait for the howls and moans from ratepayers at the extra costs. impacting on rates.

Mauao base track

Posted on 17-07-2017 13:42 | By Denny G

How much have the Maori owners contributed to the repair and maintenance of this track

A great Tui ad

Posted on 17-07-2017 13:18 | By Chris

Open in two weeks? I'll believe it when I see it. What a disgrace that it has been closed this long already. Pathetic, as usual from this council.

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