Chilly weather to grip the country

Temperatures are dropping around New Zealand. Image:

Summer continues to fade away, especially for those more northern regions still sweating under hot weather as little as a week or two ago.

“No matter how you dice it there is one thing we can't avoid - the earth's natural rotation and movements around our sun,” says

“Since the equinox in late March (when daytime and night time were equal length) we're now seeing the earth tilt the Southern Hemisphere further away from the warmth of the sun's rays, meaning our longer nights are getting colder.

“As we head further towards late June and July our nights grow even longer and the sun sinks lower in the sky during the day. With the sun lower in our sky the sunlight isn't so warm either, compared to summer when it's directly above us.”

The country is still expecting warm, sub-tropical, northerlies to return to northern New Zealand either later this month or in early May, but generally speaking get used to colder evenings, nights and mornings and cloudier, cooler, days where the dew on the grass may take all day to eventually dry out.

A number of main centres from Hamilton southwards are in the single digits this morning.

Auckland City was on 12 degrees at 8.15am which is cool for northern regions like Auckland and Northland too.


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