Voting numbers still down

Slightly more people in the Western Bay of Plenty district have returned their ballot papers compared to their Tauranga City counterparts.

As of Wednesday night, a total of 29.4 per cent of eligible voters in the Western Bay had cast their vote, while over in Tauranga 28.4 per cent had enacted their “democratic right”.

After 17 days of voting, less than a third of elligble voters in Tauranga City and the Western bay of Plenty district have returned their ballot papers for this year’s local body elections. File Photo.

When compared to previous elections, this year’s returns in the Western Bay were up on 2013 (26.5 per cent) and 2010 (28.3 per cent) after 17 days of voting.

“While we’d obviously like this number to be even higher it’s pleasing to see this trend and we hope it continues through to Saturday,” says Western Bay of Plenty District Council community relationships manager Frank Begley.

While over in Tauranga, the number of ballots returned this year is also up on 2013 (27.6 per cent) but down on 2010 (30.4 per cent).  

SunLive will have full coverage of the elections as the results are released after voting closing tomorrow.

Keep checking SunLive both Saturday and Sunday for up-to-date results.



So wrong

Posted on 08-10-2016 16:22 | By Kaimai

Maybe if we could vote for the CEO, the Chief Planner, the Director of Traffic, those in charge of Building Consents, etc there’d be a greater turnout and I dare say, greater accountability from those in council.


Posted on 07-10-2016 15:09 | By How about this view!

I found that the biggest challenge was finding a candidate worthy of a vote in their favour. At the end of the day we can only support those that raise their heads above the parapets and put themselves up for election. Generally.... Those that are successful in management and organisational professions are already employed in successful businesses. THOSE THAT CAN DO... THOSE THAT CAN’T, TEACHER! or work in council or government.

I asked...

Posted on 07-10-2016 12:34 | By Me again

a couple of young people (20 - 32 year olds )Why should we bother, because the last election had promises that have come to nothing and will do so this time. This city is dead, and, or is dying for their age group.When told you don’t vote then you have no say. Exactly was the answer,even if we did!! Iwonder how many more of them.

no matter who

Posted on 07-10-2016 10:34 | By earlybird

is elected it seems that nothing ever changes so eventually people lose the motivation to cast their vote. Shame really as there are plenty of places in the world where citizens have no vote - but we do and we don’t.

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