Bay Oval lights approved

City councillors today have agreed to help pay for the $2.74 million lighting project for the Bay cricket oval at Blake Park.

While ratepayers will be giving a total of $915,000 in assistance to the project, ratepayers help in the coming financial year will be $150,000 plus $150,000 from Paul Adams’ Civil Amenities Group to get design and consenting rolling.

Funding for the Bay Oval cricket lights has been approved.

The lights for day/night games will not be required for the coming summer, but the one after, says CEO Garry Poole.

But New Zealand Cricket will not allocate international day/night games to grounds just on a promise of lights being available. It requires a demonstration of progress.

The lights will be ready for the 2018/19 cricket season, and will make Tauranga the fifth New Zealand city with a venue capable of hosting international day-night cricket games.

NZ Cricket advised Council that from season 2018/19 onwards, ODIs and T20s will only be played at venues with lights, and currently Auckland, Wellington, Napier and Hamilton are the four cricket grounds that have those facilities.

The original motion was for the council to allocate $915,000 in the 2016/17 annual plan which is being prepared for public consultation.

Most councillors were in favour and in spite of the opposition from Catherine Stewart and Rick Curach, councillors Bill Grainger and Leanne Browne voted in support stating they were persuaded by the discussion.

Catherine Stewart’s argument is that there are already lights at cricket grounds in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier and Wellington, and she thought NZ Cricket was more likely to allocate games to a lighted South Island ground, rather than another in the North Island.

She was hoping to understand why Blake Park needed lights when there were only so many that would be able to see matches at the Bay Oval.

Mayor Stuart Crosby says it’s not the 10,000 people that will be able to be packed into a Bay Oval with temporary seating, it’s the views the television audience see.

But the numbers haven’t been investigated in depth and the results from the two daylight summer games will not be available for another month.

Steve Morris says the Blues rugby can attest to the difference in atmosphere from a packed small venue and an empty large venue.

John Robson wanted cash up front from the private funder. The amendment was discussed in detail and was about to fail when Mayor Stuart Crosby moved that the $300,000 for consenting and design be split public/private so there would be $150,000 from the 2016/17 annual plan with the remaining $750,000 coming in from the 2017/18 .

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Sport is not a priority

Posted on 26-06-2016 15:26 | By marshamaxw

No money for sport, it should be self-supporting.Sport is not a priority that Council should support,it should stick to core services.And a summer sport and an elitist one at that.

I am persuaded...

Posted on 12-06-2016 15:25 | By morepork Catherine Stewart, Jimmy Ehu, and JAFFA, on this occasion. The Bay Oval doesn’t need lights and they cannot be justified. If the cricket people think differently, then THEY should raise the money. (Lack of lights won’t stop cricket being played; it’s not like the future of the sport is in the balance...) Sadly, JAFFA has a point that it is easy to spend other people’s money and TCC seem to have no problem with doing this. I believe Stuart Crosby is a good man, who is trying to be all things to all people (that is part of the role of Mayor...); I don’t agree with nerak, that it is about personal ego; from conversations with him he doesn’t strike me as that sort of person. But it really is time that our TCC started to become much more concerned (and reticent) about spending our money. USE YOUR VOT


Posted on 08-06-2016 14:55 | By Crash test dummies

They do because they can and no one can stop them, in end result it is not their money and they just can not help themselves but to have a little play.

Just another con from TCC

Posted on 31-05-2016 15:08 | By dgk

$1 million of ratepayers money, and no gaurantee that any day-night games will actually be held there. I wish these councillors would stop gambling with our money.

More damage ahead

Posted on 31-05-2016 09:52 | By nerak

To the ratepayers’ ever diminishing pockets until Crosby is gone. Empire building (aka the practice of obtaining more power, responsibility, or staff within an organization for the purposes of self-aggrandizement) is seldom for the good of all, and being proven locally far too often. All for him, him for him. Crosby, your legacy will be a remembrance of sickening distaste, what you think it will be matters not. You have cost us dearly, particularly in the last few terms when you were returned by default, i.e. nothing better on offer, not because we wanted you back. Grainger and Browne are not worth the seats they warm, if they can be persuaded so easily by airheads. Be very concerned.

@ Ellajj

Posted on 31-05-2016 09:12 | By Crash test dummies

You miss the point (obviously about as thick as the average Councilor at TCC). The spend ups are for professional sport, they are not paying a cent for anything yet expect to cream off about 50%+ of the gate and revenue proceeds. This is really great isn’t it, I think better, cheaper and more realistic to just what on TV. The view is vastly better.


Posted on 31-05-2016 08:48 | By Jimmy Ehu

completely agree with you, as a day time event in the sunshine over the Christmas period brilliant, but lights are not required, the numbers will never stack up, why would NZ cricket have a day/night game against India/RSA/England/Australia at Blake Park seating capacity 10k when Northern Districts main arena sits empty and would hold 20k, it’s a stupid idea and with no gaurantee that anything other than a domestic 20/20 game or 2 in the future will be held here, the concentration should be on enhancing what has already been created, abdolute total waste of funds!!!, our attraction is the beach, sunshine and a holiday vibe,fun in the sun at the cricket, leave the lights too venues that cannot offer that, Blake Park is a unique venue, lights..... get over yourselves or Bay Cricket fund it on your own, as I cannot see Northern Districts giving you help!!!.

Great news

Posted on 30-05-2016 23:09 | By Ellajj

There has been constant negativity surrounding Bay Oval since its beginning. It is a great venue and anyone who was at the Black Caps games early in the New Year would have to agree. It will only get better. Good luck with the project.

another clean-out of councillors

Posted on 30-05-2016 18:06 | By Councillorwatch

Looks like we need another change of councillors, a complete new look and no recycled ones from the past either.

A sparkle in the eye ....

Posted on 30-05-2016 17:20 | By Crash test dummies

I tis like an obsession to throw money around like there is no tomorrow. A crazed look from a need to be liked, favoured and praised by having simply given away money that belongs to others. What a funny world it is.

When does it end?

Posted on 30-05-2016 17:03 | By Taffy

What is this and some of the other funding going to cost the ratepayers in % increase for next year never mind future years. According to the report the amendment seemingly was headed to being defeated until Mayor Baldrick sorry Crosby had a cunning plan to get us sucked into this scheme with 150k then another 750k and the lights not being scheduled to atleast 2018/19 and what will the cost blow out be? Crosby won,t be there so TCC will be stuck with this as it will be difficult to pull out just wait and see. They just don,t learn,it,s no wonder people don,t vote this lot no different to the previous ones just spend spend.


Posted on 30-05-2016 16:04 | By Disappointed

Now they have the lights they will of course NEED to have a new stadium to complete the project. It really is quite unbelievable the amount of ratepayer money this council is prepared to spend subsidising professional sport (lest we forget high performance training centres). Come the next elections I’m betting a number of sitting councillors will be bowled for a duck.


Posted on 30-05-2016 15:52 | By SeeSee

Good decision though it will not make others smile no doubt

Uncontrolled behaviour

Posted on 30-05-2016 14:48 | By Towball

Is the crux here no different to training a pet, a child or work colleague , if these actions which are actioned get the typical Judicial system response of a few negative comments on social media and no resistance of any physicall form then we are never going to get these issues addressed in the context they should with the unanimous support they should have from the very people paying for these so called Iniatives . Another example of DICTATORSHIP where we are TOLD NOT CONSULTED !.

Funding 2

Posted on 30-05-2016 14:43 | By Denny G

Councillors move money from Events to Cricket . Is cricket and event ????


Posted on 30-05-2016 14:26 | By How about this view!

Upset, disappointed.... Really I am disgusted at Council, but what can you do to fight the good-time boys and girls whilst they are there? The worry is that come election time, we can only vote for those that put their names on the ballot papers. So no doubt we will have the same issues for years to come and I’m over it!!!


Posted on 30-05-2016 14:13 | By Captain Sensible

Did any one of those TCC free-spenders think about; 1) the approaching half billion dollar debt, and 2) asking what the long suffering ratepayers think? All TCC shouldresign immediately.

Thanks for....

Posted on 30-05-2016 14:10 | By Jimmy Ehu

gambling with our money, sooooo ratepayers cough up 150k on the chance we may be allocated a few games?, and Mr Robson wants money up front from a private investor, good luck with that!, while core infrastructure suffers , council gambles with our rates, well that really defies belief, and Mr Mayor the view of our great area is enhanced with sunshine, we don’t need lights to show of the area, for that use the rail bridge, time for David White to offer some sort of gaurantee before any ratepayer money is invested.

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