Slogan suggestions by the dozen

The public’s response to The Weekend Sun Roger’s Rabbits column request for slogan suggestions for Tauranga is proving a hit with ideas streaming into the Sun Media office.

The inspiration to ask for Tauranga slogan ideas stems from both the city’s lack of one and from the failure of the ‘Tempt me Tauranga’ campaign held in the early 1990s.
Although this campaign failed, similar fervour, albeit this time mostly positive, is being observed with most people submitting their ideas via email; but one group opted to launch their idea in song.
The Short Sistars visited the Sun Media offices on Monday to perform a song they think would make a fitting anthem for the Bay.
Rebecca, 22, Jacinda, 20, and Louisa, 16, performed a song called ‘Hey You, It’s All Here In The Bay’.
Rebecca says they wrote the song with mother Debbie because “we feel there is no song promoting how great it is to live in the Bay and we believe there needs to be one”.
The girls have also taken the song to Mayor Stuart Crosby and former BOP Tourism general manager Tim Burgess, who the girls say both “really liked it”.
The song is performed with a backing track that Debbie wrote and composed, and is played by their cousin.
They have been working on the song and routine for the last six months, and have performed at various charity events and street busking sites both here and in Auckland.
The girls have been classically trained, but Jacinda says it is only in the last five years they have sung together as a trio.
The beach and the weather is something the girls agree is their favourite part of living in the Bay of Plenty, with Rebecca adding, “I like that it is a good size, it is not too big, but a good size to have all the right shops and things to see.”

Tauranga Slogan Suggestions

Tauranga – Catch the Wave!
Charles Martin

Hook the Big One – Tauranga.
Charles Martin

TAURANGA – City, Sun, Surf, Sand
Marie Millar
TAURANGA – Live and Love the Life
Marie Millar

A Day in the Bay and you won’t go away.
Invest in the Bay and you won’t go away.
Spend a most wonderful day in the Bay.
Come say and play in the Bay.
(Identify number of Bays in BOP) eg “26 Bays of Plenty”.
Trendy tourists try Tauranga
Breath of Ocean traverse depth of mind beckons to Bay of Plenty.
Brilliant Bay blows cobwebs away.
Target Tauranga’s trust tourism.
Tantalising Tauranga and the magical mountain.
Jean McWhannell

100% PURE Tauranga
100% of your rates are already spent!
Tony Bennett

City of sunshine and style
John Hepburn

TAURANGA – Riviera Climate, So Pacific Beauty, Kiwi Cheer!
Jim and Clarice Korrison

Tauranga: Bay of Tranquillity
Julie Hood

Tauranga: City of Tranquillity
Julie Hood

Tauranga: Port of Tranquillity
Julie Hood

Tauranga – So fantastic it doesn’t need a slogan.
Bruce Insunnytauranga

Tauranga – Sunsational!
Bruce Insunnytauranga

Tauranga...Where it’s always safe to lick the windows
Mike Houlding
Tauranga...Home of The Showerdome
Mike Houlding

Tauranga...Where Regularity Rulz
Mike Houlding

Tauranga...Winston wuz Here
Mike Houlding

Tauranga...Mangroves aren’t us
Mike Houlding

‘Hey You, It’s All Here in the Bay!’
The Short Sistars

BOP the sunshine paradise

BOP your best holiday destination

BOP the only place to be happy

Sunshine, beach & mountains the BOP has it all

BOP the community you want to live with

BOP has it all – Why go somewhere else???

A Taste of Tauranga
A Collins

Tauranga: Highly over-rated
Wendy Spence

Tauranga - for the newly wed & the nearly dead
Jim Smth

Tauranga City-it really rates!
Graham McKinstry

Oh Tauranga in the sun
Where you can see
An expensive fart gallery
Ratepayers do not despair
You still have the prettiest mayor
As seen by Henare of Belvedere
H Limerick

Tauranga (Tune of  “Chicago”)
Tauranga, Tauranga , This plentiful town
Tauranga Moana, We’ll show you around  (We love it)

Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues
In Tauranga,  ( Tauranga )
The centre where the Bay of Plenty smiles

With Mount Maunganui, I just wanna to say
It’s where sea and sky are blue all day ( blue all day)

Come for a visit, We’d love you to stay
Come for a week or just come for a day
To Tauranga Moana, this great town.

Verse 2
Tauranga, Tauranga, the Bay’s leading town
Tauranga Moana is jazzin’ around (we love it)

You can go out fishing or sailing out on the ocean (the ocean)
Or swimming in the hot pools at the Mount

There’s surfing, wind-surfing and splashing around
Or sleeping on the sand if that’s your choice (that’s your choice)

You’ll have the time, the time of your life
Bring the whole fam’ly or just bring your wife
To Tauranga Moana  our home town.

Verse 3
Tauranga, Tauranga where pleasure is king
Tauranga Moana You can do anything  (in reason)

Strolling round the mountain or round the shops
In Tauranga,  (Tauranga)
or walking on the boardwalk at the front

There’s wining and dining and beautiful food
With orchards and cafes all the day  (all the day)

Marvellous gardens and wide shady parks
Swim with the dolphins but not with the sharks

In Tauranga this Bay of Plenty town  ….My home town.
Richard Goodall

Living in heaven! Alive in Tauranga.
Jeanette Luxton

Where to holiday when you live in earth’s heaven?
Jeanette Luxton

Tauranga (then she has several ticks) Ticks all the boxes.
Jeanette Luxton

Superb (Capital big S with Superb Holiday; Superb Sun; Superb Sand; Safe - Swims; Super Friendly; Shops)"
Jeanette Luxton

Sun, Surf, Style
M. Joan Grainger

Living in Heaven, Alive in Tauranga!
Jeanette Luxton

Where to holiday when you live in Earth’s heaven?
Jeanette Luxton

Tauranga ticks all the boxes.
Jeanette Luxton

Superb holiday
Super friendly
Jeanette Luxton

Tauranga - Dead Centre
Brenda Jones

TAURANGA - Riviera Climate, So. Pacific Beauty, Kiwi Cheer and ’All That Jazz’
Jim Korrison

Margaret Maurice

Colin Mckenney

Colin Mckenney

Living the Dream
Superbly Unique
Graeme Morrissey
Cedric Sutherland
Trific Tauranga
Marion Chandler
Tipsy Tauranga
Marion Chandler
Tauranga, no place I’d rather be!!
Life Amid Perfection
EH Clements

Beam me up Tauranga


Central Sun

Jeanette Nee

Where else!
David Reid

Margi Petersen

Tauranga...... paradise
Pauline Hetherington

Home of the sun and surf
Pauline Hetherington

Perfect paradise
Pauline Hetherington

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Slogan suggestions - Alan

Posted on 06-02-2011 17:01 | By alwen

Tauranga -Your place to Play Live longa in Tauranga

Slogan suggestion.

Posted on 03-02-2011 09:13 | By John Pope

Tauranga- Just doing it.

my suggestion

Posted on 02-02-2011 21:46 | By betts

Tauranga, to hot to handle


Posted on 02-02-2011 12:25 | By maddog

Retirement City


Posted on 02-02-2011 09:25 | By diver1

Tauranga:- Where middle earth the meets the ocean!


Posted on 29-01-2011 07:08 | By whetu

tauranga "plenty in the bay" tauranga - a plentyful place "tempt me toe ragz"

Slogan Idea

Posted on 27-01-2011 19:09 | By I_Spy

Tauranga - Our Twin Towers are still standing


Posted on 26-01-2011 20:26 | By happy

"TAURANGA-gateway to the ocean"

slogan for Tauranga

Posted on 26-01-2011 14:19 | By shearwaterbl

Here is a slogan suggestion: "Eat,Play and Stay in the Bay" or "Come Play and Stay in the Bay"

Tauranga slogan

Posted on 25-01-2011 09:12 | By npollett

"Surf City" NZ’s best lifestyle mix of beach and business. Suggest you keep the slogan simple, memorable and relevant to its intended audience to be successful (ie visitors VS locals?) to attract both tourism and valuable new business to the region but any slogan can also foster local pride


Posted on 22-01-2011 14:58 | By Hoods

Like Marie Millars suggestion Live, Love the life. Another suggestion along same lines: Tauranga: Experience the Lifestyle By Julie Hood

Tauranga's Slogan by Derna

Posted on 19-01-2011 17:37 | By


Tauranga....near The Mount

Posted on 19-01-2011 10:23 | By RawPrawn


Slogan suggestions

Posted on 18-01-2011 22:08 | By Beachcomber

’Sit butt in casual, scenic, bountiful Tauranga & ponda!’ ’Cheerful, beautiful, plentiful, wonderful! Tauranga is ful of it! Come and get it!’

Tauranga - Bay WITH Plenty

Posted on 18-01-2011 15:40 | By burdy

Tauranga - Bay WITH Plenty

My suggestion

Posted on 18-01-2011 15:01 | By Colleen Spiro

sensational sunshine, surf, scenery shopping

Slogan Idea!

Posted on 18-01-2011 14:56 | By Beachcomber

’Totally Tauranga ~ the gem of the Bay!’ ’Tauranga Absolutely Beats the Rest, We are the Best!’ ’Follow your Senses in Tauranga’s Uniqueness!’ ’Tauranga - the ultimate pamperer of body and soul!’ Frances

Posted on 18-01-2011 14:51 | By Mellow


Slogan suggestion

Posted on 18-01-2011 14:23 | By Beachcomber

’Temptress Tauranga’ - she has it all! Francie

Tauranga All Year Round

Posted on 18-01-2011 14:03 | By Fun in the Sun

Firstly you need to decide what angle you wish to promote. We have plenty of visitors in summer so perhaps we need to promote the rest of the year. My suggestion: "TAURANGA ALL YEAR ROUND"

singing sisters

Posted on 18-01-2011 13:44 | By Kathryn

they dont give the idea of sun, surf and fun in any way but very sweet.

My suggestion - Rob

Posted on 18-01-2011 12:53 | By

’Tauranga’ Where the sun is never far away!

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